Benefits A CPD Accredited Training Course Can Offer

CPD is an abbreviation for Continuing Professional Development, the term is used to describe further education and learning activities that professionals engage in. A CPD accredited course can help professionals develop their abilities and enhance their career prospects. One aim of a CPD accredited course is to ensure that the learning experience becomes conscious and proactive.

Institutions & Professional Bodies

In the UK there are currently more 1000 institutions & professional bodies that offer CPD accredited training, the number CPD accredited institutions is forecasted to rise further. CPD courses combine different methodologies to learning, a course may include training workshops, e-learning programs and conferences. A CPD accredited training centre will employ best practice techniques, the purpose of the accreditation is individual professional development and improvement.

In the UK, CPD is expected of most professionals in nearly all industry sectors. Employers are increasingly expecting their staff to undertake CPD training, some employers even measure their employees performance based upon it.

Members of professional bodies are likely to have CPD requirements laid out for them by their professional body instead of their employer. Currently there are more than 1,400 professional bodies, membership associations and institutes in the UK. All of these bodies represent different industries and professions, all have CPD requirements which their members are expected to maintain these requirements are known as CPD schemes.

Professional Bodies

Members of a professional body usually need to keep track of and progress their CPD training so that they can maintain their license to practice or keep their professional qualifications. Regulatory and professional bodies are established to ensure that clients receive services that meet a required standard, CPD is taken seriously to ensure standards are maintained.

Vocational Training

Engaging in CPD accredited training and courses helps to ensure that academic and practical qualifications do not become obsolete or out of date, the training allows individuals to continually up or re-skill themselves, regardless of their occupation, age or current level of education.

CPD accreditation ensures that the course or activity conforms to the required CPD standards and benchmarks. The learning value will have been scrutinised by the CPD Certification Service to ensure that it meets the integrity and quality that such accredation requires. In the UK the CPD Certification Service provides independent CPD accreditation which is compatible with global CPD standards and requirements.

CPD Standards Office

Another independent body that ensures training providers meet CPD standards is the CPD Standards Office. CPD Standards Office accredited providers become part of their CPD Standards Community. Access to the community allows an accredited provider to network with other accredited providers and share best practice with them.


For the individual CPD training will increase confidence, their capability and improve career prospects. CPD accredited providers will provide individuals with a Certificate of Attendance, the individual can attach this to their CPD log as evidence of their professional development.

For the employer CPD training promotes a healthy learning culture within the organisation, it leads to a happier, more fulfilled workforce and ensures valuable staff are retained.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Souters Microsoft Office Courses, Souters is a CPD accreditated training provider.

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