Working with Documents: Why Do You Need .pdf Files?

Too big files, text data large and saving it as a word file will do no good to the PC but just capture a considerable amount of space of the disk. So, what should be the solution to this problem, since space and data are the most important things in today’s world?

The answer: PDF format.Yes, PDF format has the biggest advantage that it compresses the files to a comparatively smaller size and hence saves a lot of diskspace.

Advantages of using PDF format

Here is a look at why you might need PDF files in your system.

  • Portability and security
  • Preserving of all data: all the images and links
  • Interactive sessions
  • Data encryption is supported: safe to transfer over the net.

To save a file as a PDF document you just need to enter the ‘save type’ as PDF.

Why Will You Need a Good PDF Solution for Your Docs?

Looking through very large and heavy information stored on a computer is often a tedious job, especially if it is a text document, with no or very fewer pictures.

Had it been into smaller segments it would have been easier to scan. Is there any way we could lessen our work-process and save the time too? Something which will make our work easier?

The answer: Yes, just split pdf. There is a way we can achieve all that we need through some simple steps, which will, in turn,splitthe pdf.

PDF is a Portable document format, a file format, which is used to present, exchange and edit documents. Portability is also ensured, i.e., it is independent of hardware, software or the operating systems.

Advantages of splitting up the pdf.

  • The document is portable to phone.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Important content is easily visible.
  • Unnecessary content is deleted.

There are many online pdf splitters available which can be used to split pdf.And most of the people turn to online pdf splitters which are often not very secure. There is always a risk involved in security issues. Even to edit and view PDF files, people go for some online pdf viewers, editors. Though they are easy to use and offer services at great lengths but why not work with something which is reliable and secure?

What should one do?

One such tool which offers various kinds of operations with pdf files is the Movavi PDF Editor. It offers to:

  • Cut a segment from the pdf, i.e. it helps us to split pdf, or extracting pages.
  • Join two segments of pdf, i.e. merging two pdf’s
  • rearrange the pages of a pdf.

What is Movavi PDF Editor?

Movavi PDF Editor is an easy, user-friendly software available for both Windows and MAC, downloading which one can easily manipulate and change the PDF files according to one’s own wishes.

Movavi PDF Editor is easy to use the user-friendly software. It provides us with various options, some of which are listed below:

  • Saving the extracted pages as a new
  • Saving the extracted pages as an image.
  • Convert an image into a pdf file.
  • Extracting a single page from a given pdf.

With a few easy steps like:

  • Select the page to be extracted
  • If multiple pages have to be extracted, choose multiple pages together (with the use of CTRL+CLICK for windows) in the page mode
  • Extracting it and finally saving it as a new pdf document.

We can extract the desirable page from large pdf.

To save the extracted page as an image, we just enter the file type like JPG, PNG, or BMP.

The Top Features of the Editor You’ll Love

  • Creates a friendly and standard platform for reading and viewing different text files and images respectively.
  • Allows one to edit the documents very easily.
  • It blends files like the word file can easily be changed to a pdf.
  • Is very simple.
  • Convenient to use.

Editing the pdf files must have been a tedious work till now, and you must also have fallen for online pdf converters.

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