10 Ways To Not Blow The Budget While You’re On Holidays

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There is nothing quite like clocking out at the end of the week knowing that you are completely footloose and fancy-free for a week or three. Whether you plan on travelling Australia or exploring further afield, you don’t want to blow your entire budget. The purpose of a holiday is to relieve stress and induce relaxation, not place more financial burden on you. Here’s how you can manage your budget.

1. Create A Budget
The first step to managing a holiday budget is creating one. Sit down and work out what you have to spend while you’re travelling and include every possible activity and event that may occur and work out a fair split. Stick to your budget, no matter what.

2. Skip The Gifts
Not everyone needs you to bring them something back, but if you are doing gifts make sure you just buy small tokens and only for those who you really need to buy for.

3. Get To Know The Locals
No one can offer better advice on where to do things inexpensively than a local. So, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation and find the best hotspots for food, drinks, and whatever else you have in mind for an epic holiday.

4. Avoid Tours
On your travels you will likely want to go on tours of various historical sites, just guide yourself, otherwise, you will pay through the nose for the guided tour. Additionally, plan in advance so you can find all of the free options. For example, in Spain, a lot of historical spots are free to visit on Sundays and in the United Kingdom, there are plenty of free museums and art galleries available to visit. It really is all about planning ahead.

5. Meal Offers
Whether you spot a free buffet in your hotel or there are deals on at certain times of the day – you’re on vacation, so change your schedule up if it means getting your meals for less. Better if you can hit a supermarket and stock up on snacks to avoid eating every meal out. Eating out is one of the more costly parts of a holiday, so bonus points if you’re heading somewhere you can get an all-inclusive deal. If you can turn lunch into the biggest meal of the day you’re going to stretch your cash much further, though countries like Spain and Greece offer reasonably priced three-course menus of the day.

6. Always Use Cash
There is more than one reason for this tip. Firstly, if you use cash you will keep to your budget as you can track your spending much easier. Additionally, you’ll avoid extra charges for using a card while abroad. If you don’t feel comfortable carrying large amounts of cash, speak to your bank about possible charges.

7. Free Wi-Fi
Turn your data roaming off and embrace free Wi-Fi at every available point. You don’t need to be constantly connected while you’re adventuring, it’s okay to check in from time to time when you meet a free hotspot and there are plenty, no matter where you are travelling.

8. Avoid Tourist Traps
Plan your day well enough so that you aren’t trapped in heavily touristed areas at meal times. You will spend less on your meals (and souvenirs) if you eat and shop away from the main traffic areas. Even a street or two over is enough to make a major difference. You will likely also find that it’s quieter, which is far more enjoyable. Speaking of tourist traps

9. Beware Of Extras
Do you need extra luggage, try to cull your packed goods before forking out extra for luggage you probably don’t need. Must you stump for priority boarding so you can choose your seat? Do you really need to rent a car? That last one may depend on your destination, so if you’re going to America then yes, you will likely need a car. Europe? There’s a good chance public transportation is not only more efficient but cheaper, too.

10. Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Discounts
Every country has their own discounts, so it is worth checking out what is available before you go. For example, in the United Kingdom, there are rail offers for students and groups travelling together, while France has discounts for those under 26. You may want to make notes of what discounts are available where so you don’t miss out – every little helps!

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You can still enjoy your amazing holiday without blowing your budget out of the water. No one wants to come home and find credit card bills that are going to sap the joy out of the memories they’ve just created. So, stick to the tips above, make sure your budget is your bible throughout your trip and once you’ve successfully managed this budget, you can rest assured that every holiday from now will be just as fun and just as financially efficient.

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