Why Choose Glass Splashbacks Over All Others?

Splashbacks are designed to protect your kitchen walls from spills and splashes. However, the decision of what style and type to purchase can often end up being a complex one thanks to an array of options. That said on the whole glass splashbacks happen to be a much better option for a number of reasons. Perhaps the prime reason being that it’s extremely cost effective.

This makes it perfect for people who live in rented homes and apartments. Glass also offers a number of other advantages which should be considered when in the market for splashbacks.

Gives your kitchen a premium appearance 

Traditionally kitchens have been using tiles as the most economical way to prevent against splashes and dirt. Tiles have the added benefit of being available in a number of different sizes, patterns, colors and shapes.

However, tiles have been falling out of popularity for a variety of reasons and people who do not want to use tiles find glass splashbacks to be extremely flexible in terms of being easy to clean, providing a bold appearance and durable not to mention give the kitchen a modern look. Also, dark colored glass splashbacks can be used to give kitchens a more classic appearance.


Glass splashbacks are available in a number of colors, sizes and shapes all of which add up to excellent flexibility for the buyer. These can easily be customized depending on where they will be used, holes can be drilled and cut outs requested for things like taps and sockets. Plus these are available in both customizable and standard sizes ensuring that they fit perfectly.

Added flexibility of a shoestring budget 

Most people may find at first that glass splashbacks are of a slightly higher cost compared to other splashback options but compared to those other options glass lasts longer, is low maintenance and offers better protection for almost any type of kitchen out there. People who have a tight budget can choose a smaller size glass splashback which will protect a smaller area but will be cheaper as compared to if you wanted to cover the whole wall.

People on a tight budget may want to install glass splashbacks just around the hob. Also reduce the overall number of modifications like cut outs and holes since they added to the cost. Some people with DIY skills can also further save money by opting to install the splashbacks themselves which further reduces the cost of ownership. But because glass is delicate you need to know exactly what you are doing or the splashback can be ruined.

Why Choose Glass Splashbacks Over All Others

Maintenance and personalization 

Compared to most other types of splashbacks, glass offer a bolder, and modern style which depends mainly on your budget and the extent of the optimization that you want. Added lighting can help to compliment the natural shine of the glass which makes your kitchen look roomier. Plus the other advantage of glass splashbacks is that you do not need grout and because of that there is no worry about molding and staining.

Since the glass can easily be cleaned using any soft cloth there is zero maintenance needed.

Glass splashbacks are a fresh and vibrant alternative for homeowners who are searching for a premium alternative to traditional or other materials. Also the flexibility of the various colors available means that they can be used on almost any color kitchen.

Very easy to buy 

There are literally dozens of online and offline sellers of glass splashbacks. These range from established brands to ones selling cheap alternatives with thinner glass and fewer customization options. Many of the online stores selling glass splashbacks offer free installation and customization options in addition to free delivery. Australia based leading splashback seller A Splash of Glass recommends that people shop around as much as they can to find the perfect glass splashback.

This is because once installed you do not want to remove it anytime soon or replace it with another one. Always buy a design and color you can live with for at least two years if not more. So, keep this in mind when shopping for splashbacks.

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Mark has been in the splashback industry for over twenty years. He currently partners with some of the leading makers of glass splashbacks in order to sell some of the highest quality splashbacks in Australia. As a certified interior designer he helps dozens of people each year who are in search of the perfect splashback.

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