Vertical Wave Phone Systems Allow To Expand Communication Infrastructure Gracefully

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When you enter a business one of the major requirements is to invest in a fast and reliable communication system. Of course, every unit should not only be connected internally but there should be a degree of connection even with the external world. This is where vertical wave communication comes to your aid.

At its core Wave is pure IP solution, when configured. Wave’s incorporated SIP server along with native gateway resources offer a comprehensive IP telephony structure that enables SIP applications as well as network services.

What does this IP based Telephony System Include?

Every Wave IP system is easy-to-install and utilizes the basic voice applications like Wave Viewpoint, Voice Recoding, ViewPoint Mobile, and instant messaging.

The different benefits offered by a basic IP-based telephony system include the following:

  • Streamlined collaboration

When in an organization, you will surely need to collaborate with your employees in an intuitive way. The decision making procedure gets enhanced once this communication system is installed in your organization. Integrated phones allow secure remote calls. Routing your voice through the Wave IP saves a lot.

  • Improved reach-ability

You can reach all the staff members within your organization by dialing a single number. You can prepare a favorites list of important or frequent contact numbers with multiple call settings to enhance your incoming call experience.

  • Recordings and security

You can record a voice and store it on the Wave IP system, which is delivered as email or voicemail.

Wave Expands and Prospers with your Business

Wave provides outstanding capabilities and flexibility to expand as your business grows, thus protects your investment. The base Wave system has a capability to support 350 IP end points. For expanding the base Wave IP system for supporting more analog or digital stations, you can invest in Wave Expansion Units that neatly stack on the base Wave server. There is no need of external cable wiring or extra hardware configuration. As your business develops the vertical wave system will also expand gracefully with it. Thus your future needs get satisfied as well as your initial investment in the communication infrastructure is protected.

Wave’s multi-site competence features robust networking along with IP based communication infrastructure and can be deployed easily.

Network Administrators can Efficiently

  • Manage moves
  • Add and make changes
  • Configure the voice features
  • Arrange applications between the employees across locations
  • Leverage the SNMP based alarms
  • Trace applications for notification
  • Detect and troubleshoot issues

Why should you Invest in Vertical Phone System?

Once you shop for vertical phone wave system your business attains endless possibilities. A vertical phone is an amalgamation of data and voice applications. It keeps the hardware costs within line. In addition, there is a set of core applications like unified messaging, auto attendant, desktop call management, and call recording along with a developing library of valued applications that grow with you.

Wave IP technology is the solution for future success, so select a loaded set of managing tools to address the business needs as they develop.

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