Using Reddit To Market Your Business

Build a community of brand advocates by using Reddit to market your business.

Want to expand the reach of your business’s marketing efforts? If you aren’t yet using Reddit, now is the time to start. Reddit offers an ideal platform for engaging with online consumers and for getting those users to pass along your content to the masses. Here are some effective tips for using Reddit to market your business.

Interact with Fans

One vital detail to know about Reddit users is that they want to interact with companies, not be broadcasted to by those businesses. As such, when developing a strategy for using Reddit, consider how you can interact with your fans, just as you do on other social media platforms. One way to drive engagement with your followers is by encouraging them to submit content related to your business. In essence, this will result in you both interacting with your fans and in you getting them to do some of the marketing for you.

Provide Customer Service

An interesting way that many businesses are now using Reddit is by adding a customer service element to their efforts with this site. As you know, your company’s marketing efforts must go hand-in-hand with your other business efforts such as providing excellent products and top-notch customer service.

Just as they do on other social media sites, Reddit users often ask customer service-related questions on Reddit. Develop a policy for how you’ll respond to such inquiries as you expand your presence on the site. By developing a Reddit customer service policy, you’ll strengthen your business’s sharp image and will keep your fans happy.

Create a Community

An important goal of your Reddit presence should be to build a community of your business’s fans. By bringing your top brand advocates together through a sub-Reddit, you’ll be providing a platform for them to connect and talk with each other. This community may become one of your strongest marketing efforts as it can speak volumes to potential customers who stumble upon the community and see the many great things that others are saying about your business.

Drive Site Traffic

According to How Publishers Can Use Reddit, an important part of using Reddit to market your business is ensuring your content on Reddit helps drive traffic back to your website. Your company’s website is likely the central hub of your online activities. It’s also likely the location where prospects become customers by purchasing products from your e-commerce site or by contacting your sales representatives. As such, when growing your Reddit presence, ensure that the content posted to that site regularly drives online users back to landing pages on your website.

When deciding which online platforms can help you expand your business’s marketing efforts, Reddit is a natural choice. This site can help you create a community of brand advocates, can help you connect with new audiences and more.

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