Understanding How Trust Can Be Established And Violated

Some people simply trust others much too easily. In reality, we should make sure that we build real trust progressively. Genuine trust should be earned through honesty and hard work. Perhaps, the only people that we need to trust unconditionally are our parents, spouses and children. Maintaining trust is also difficult, because once it is broken; it may be very difficult to recover. In general, we should ensure that trust grows slowly and progressively.

Once we have trust with those around us, we could become more relaxed with one another. We will be free with ourselves. Building trust can be like walking on eggshells. We need to do it properly. Even if we are being honest, our inability to achieve specific things can also make trust more difficult to earn. Although we should be respectful with people we just meet, we shouldn’t immediately trust their actions and words.

People who just meet one another are usually trying to define common ground to build trust. Good relationship is all about trust, patience and unselfishness.

We should avoid violating trust, because it will be very difficult for us to rebuild it. We shouldn’t try to simplify trust; it should be at its original condition. People who have violated their wedding vows often find it very difficult to recover their marriage. Even if their spouses are willing to maintain the marriage, things may not be the same again; because there could be more conflicts or unpleasant silences.

Often, violated trust will result in further violations and subsequent retaliations. In this case, we should revise our relationships consciously and try to achieve things better. Maintaining relationships and trust often outweigh the temporary joy of betrayals.

Trust can be violated by external factors. It is bad enough that each of us has the potentials to break trust; but outsiders may also have strong contributions as well. There could be rumors that we share confidential information with the competitor. Unknown people may also spread rumors that we have an affair with co-worker. This situation could cause significant trust issues in the family and working places.

In fact, many marriages have been affected by false accusations. There could be some people who intentionally try to destroy our career and marriage for their own personal gains.

Sometimes, some of our relatives can be those bad outsiders themselves. They may unintentionally damage our marital relationships through conflicts. Although this may sound like an inappropriate thing to do, it may be a good idea to limit contact with people who may intentionally and unintentionally ruin our career and marriage. We should be clear enough that we won’t let anyone to get between us and our spouses. Such an act will help us build trust.

In general, trust issues can be a difficult thing to overcome and our inability to deal with it could result in anxiety. Whatever we do, we should make sure that we are honest enough to earn and maintain others’ trust. We should be able to grow trust, because it is an important thing that can help us improve socially and financially.

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