Tips For Your Professional Engineering Exams

Tips For Your Professional Engineering Exams

Are you looking to give “Professional Engineering” exams? Whatever subject you are going to give there are some basic important pointers which will help you to know what to expect at the test centers. As you would know “Professional Engineering” exams are known as PE licensure exams and are provided two times in a year.

Before you appear for the exams most probably you will get a big list of requirements that you have to satisfy to enter the examination. I gave my PE exams in April 2016 and found that many small problems could create a big havoc at the test site. I gave my examination in the state of Maryland and the test took place in Baltimore. Some of the things you should take care are as follows:

1. Do not Take your Books in Luggage.

Although this may sound like a good idea, the proctors for the exams do not allow luggage in the examination room and so either they would give you boxes to transfer your books from luggage or you will have to remove all books at your seating area and then put the luggage in a corner of the room. Either way, it could be a big hassle. I would suggest a rolling cart for your books.

2. Do not bring any Calculators that are not on the Approved List.

They will have a good look at the calculator at the entrance for the examination and also will look while you are sitting at your table. I had used Texas instruments 30XA calculator. It is on their approved list. If your calculator is not approved then it will be taken away from you and then you will be left in the examination without a calculator.

3. No Cell Phones are Allowed in the Examination Room.

Although this may sound obvious one of the person had brought a cell phone inside the room. You will be removed from the examination and your test will not be scored. Do not bring a cell phone in the room. Check your pockets twice.

4. Make Sure you have your Wristwatch.

I have a habit of using a cell phone as my clock and I was stumped when in the test you do not have your cell phone. Without a clock, you could have problems in knowing whether you are on time or late. Good idea if you have forgotten the clock is to ask Proctor for the time.

5. No Loose Pages will be Allowed.

They will sometimes check at the entrance but they will always check while you are seated. They will also keep on looking while you are giving your test. You can use loose leaf binder to keep your loose papers but they should not be outside the binder.

6. No Pencil Marks on your Notes.

They want to make sure that you are not writing in your books in the exams and they will look for pencil marks on your notes. Erase all pencil marks if they are not useful or write in ink anything you would need for exams.

7. Make Sure you Reach your Test Center a Little Earlier.

There is a big line to get in the room. It would be in your best interest to be in front of the line so that you are seated at your table the earliest. Sometimes it is really cold outside (in October) or sometimes it’s just raining. I was among the first 5 people in the line.

8. Bring your Lunch with you. You will not have enough time to go out to eat. Also at some locations parking could be a problem. Bring some protein and water.

9. Restroom use is Available but after the First Hour of the Exams.

You are not allowed to use the restroom until the first hour of am and pm session. So make sure you use a restroom before entering test center.

10. At the End of the Test all the Papers will be Collected and then all will be Let out at Once.

So if you wait till the end you could be stuck in some traffic as there are about 300 cars all coming out at once. I left the exams half an hour early. I had completed my exams early enough to leave.

There is nothing to worry about anything. Proctors are strict but humans. They will not do anything unreasonable. So take care of these points and you should be okay.

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