Things We Should Know About Vintage Comics

Many people love comics, not to mention the potentially valuable vintage comics. Despite their age, comics can still be very valuable and attract the attention of fans. In fact, many people allocate a large sum of fund in their hunt for original, vintage comic books for their hobbies or business purposes. Very first vintage comics were created in the end of 19th century, such as the Hogan’s Alley.

There are also many comics that appear as strips on newspapers in the last years of the 19th century. At the time, illustrators already added bubbles above the characters as a way to create conversations.

Platinum comics are those that are produced between 1895 and 1937 and they can be very expensive in mint conditions. The Golden Age of comics occurred between 1938 and 1955 and it is when modern superheroes started to make an appearance. The period between 1956 and 1969 is called the Silver Age of comics, while the Bronze Age of comics were between 1970 and 1970. The Modern Day comics continue to this day since 1980.

Vintage comics appeared initially as strips in newspapers and eventually the copyright holders collected them into small books and sold at various newsstands. The very first superhero that appeared on comics was Phantom and he was very popular before the World War 2. In general, the older the comics are, the more expensive their prices.

There are also different grades of comics and those with top condition can be worth a lot of money. Rare and vintage comics are among the best investment average consumers could make.

Since its first appearance, comics have become an important way to entertain the public. Unlike books, comics could arouse our visual imagination and writers don’t need to explain about the appearance of the characters and details of the surrounding. In fact, it is possible for a page of comic to include very few text and readers could already grasp plenty of communication.

Emotion can be expressed clearly by characters through skilful illustration techniques. In general, comics are placed somewhere between books and movies. They don’t only involve our mind, but also our visual responses.

It is a good idea for average comic fans to start collecting. It should be noted that it is generally unacceptable to open and read vintage comics at mint condition. They are purchased simply for their condition and not as reading material. Perfect comics should be protected by plastic seal to prevent exposure to moisture, dust and others. In fact, skin oil from our fingers could increase the rate of paper deterioration in specific period of time.

Vintage comic books can be valued more than their weight in gold, so it has attracted the interest of many people. We should consider adding these books into one of investment portfolio. Vintage and rare comic books can be found in large-scale conventions. These events are places where comic fans gather and share information.

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