‘The Mummy’ Trailer Looks Beyond Interesting

Time is an essentiality in each movie that is appearing on our screens today. In all about movies, most of the movies depicted have specialized in time travel, indicating the difference in specific timelines and showing off the possible havoc that can be wreaked if time break is not repaired. This is a fact that is being seen in the newly released trailer in regards to “The Mummy “movie set to hit our screens in June next year.


The trailer stars a goddess or a princess that was tricked and buried before fulfilling her set objective for over a thousand years. She wakes in the desert and all the time locked out, add the horrible experiences of waking up in the desert develops and fuels this mummy’s fury and anger. Through the deserts to the caves below the common day London, the mummy has woken up to a new world with different technologies and this angers her even more. The horrors that result provides a unique adventure that you should have a look at.


“The Mummy” is a horror movie that is full of action and adventures that are aimed at entertaining as explained in all about movies. This objective has been achieved if the movie is to be judged by the recently unveiled trailer. The trailer keeps you glued to the screen and this is a trailer. What kind of impact do you think will come from the release of the movie? The expectations in regards to the movie not yet released are being ranked high. The trailer has sparked an interest and induced a bit of suspense that leaves you asking, ‘when will the movie be released?’

Tom Cruise Movie

This storyline and movie are one of Tom Cruise storylines. Every storyline that he comes up with is said to be action filled. In the week, he had released a teaser before launching the movie’s trailer on Twitter. The teaser generated a lot of chatter that has seen success in the launch of the trailer. The storyline involves the best monster stories ever told. The storyline includes many monster stars including Sofia Boutella who is a Kingsman star and a star form Star Trek Beyond. According to Tom Cruise, the movie is aimed at generating the world full of monsters and gods, which clearly depict it as an ongoing project not a single storyline or movie and that’s it. It seems that they are reintroducing and reinventing the classic monster stories ever told into becoming the next big thing on the cinemas. The Mummy is just one and it seems to be the one unveiling and starting-off this line of movies.

Progress Made

The developers i.e. Universal Pictures are still piercing this movie together. Rumor is that they are aiming at acquiring the best talents in their endeavor to build the most amazing world of monsters. Starting-off with Tom Cruise who is the lead actor and star of the Mummy movie, followed by Russell Crowe who is playing Dr. Jekyll and is part of ‘The Mummy” movie. Analysis of the best possible positions to be taken in the oncoming movies including Invisible Man a reboot of it, Frankenstein and other monster movies. The possible actors include Johnny Depp and Javier Barden who just received an Oscar Award. Others include Angelina Jolie who is to play Frankenstein’s Bride and Luke Evans who is the star of the Dracula movie line.

Writer, Directors and Actors

Jon Spaihts also referred to as doctor strange wrote “The Mummy” movie. The writer, Christopher McQuarrie who directed the “Edge of Tomorrow” and Alex Kurtzman who directed Star Trek, are directing the movie. The cast for the movie includes Boutella who is the main character as the mummy, with extensive supernatural powers or capabilities, Tom Cruise, Crowe Russell, Jake Johnson and many others. The list contains the most exciting characters and actors that we all miss seeing on our screens. This indicates what Universal Pictures has in store for us in all about movies.


The Mummy trailer has drawn worldwide interests and people are eagerly waiting for its release next year. With the scary action-filled scenes that we just witnessed from the trailer released on Sunday and the teaser released previously, the possibility of the movie cutting across other genres has been seen. Before the release, check out the teaser and the trailer and know the much you are missing. This movie will continue to make headlines and it is up to you to keep up with its progress until it is launched. Have the updates at your fingertips and follow its progress on universal pictures.

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