Six Technology Mega-Trends That Will Shape Up The Future Of Society

A Great AI

Today, everyone knows the term “artificial intelligence” or “AI.” This has been considered the subject of science fiction books and films for decades. It is essentially a combination of software algorithms that perform activities that generally require the interface of human intelligence. Actions may include voice recognition, decision making, visual perception, and linguistic translation.

The term artificial intelligence includes many different directions, including machine learning that involves the development of programs that can learn, reason, understand, plan, and perform actions when exposed to new stimuli. Combined with the tremendous growth of robots, there will already be human robots capable of communicating and learning from human interaction – this is an intriguing and undeniable concept.

Augmented Reality

You can go back to the roots of AR in 1968 when the first head-mounted display system was developed by Ivan Sutherland, and it was further discovered during the 1990s when the term augmented reality was in its infancy and beyond. It is considered a digital overlay of information and visual data on a living image of the physical world to support the task in question. This can display a product as a DC motor at the desired location or possibly as part of a video game. Enhancement is achieved by various technologies such as cameras to check and track the user’s location with GPS on the mobile / tablet device used to create the enhanced version overlay. AR is an effective technology that should flourish in the coming years in many business and entertainment sectors.


The term “drone” gives the impression that it is a device with a high degree of remotely controlled military training, or perhaps a smaller or just equipped helicopter element with a camera. In essence, UAVs are considered unmanned vehicles that can move without supervision on board. The UAVs will operate according to a pre-programmed and preprogrammed plan or will be controlled remotely. UPS and Amazon are testing the UAV system. It is sure that the drones will remain, and it is interesting to know where the technology will go. The quick visit on YouTube will reveal to passenger pilots’ models of vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

This is still Blockchain’s word

The term “blockchain” is currently available in all sectors. The blockchain is a standard electronic data file that includes a brilliant program to track and record transactions. After that, all of these events and operations will be shared among all participants connected to the same blockchain, and once the information is entered, they will no longer be changed. Technology can potentially improve a variety of industries, with applications imaginable in the areas of health, distribution, government and so on. Although most grouping techniques are currently immature and disorganized, you must be careful before embarking on this path.

Internet of Things

It is essentially a network of devices such as production line robots, motors, etc., included in the software, computing, sensors, and communication capabilities. All of these associated devices can collect and share data over the Internet, NFC, and Bluetooth, if they are close enough and allowed to remotely control and monitor. IoT helps develop a digital twin for a real device that transfers information, responds to changes, and provides valuable performance data. This data is used for a variety of purposes, from a printer with its requirements to a motor buried inside a production line that is sent upside down, so that one of its bearings is broken. It is expected that billions of devices will be connected by 2020 at all stages of life, so there will be a bright future of IoT.

Robot Overloads

Robots have served humans in manufacturing and production for decades. It is continually evolving and improving and will slowly replace its human counterparts. They also collaborate with IIoT. Here is the beginning of the Smart Dark Factory where machines can control the machines and even organize their maintenance work in the factory.

These are the major six technological mega-trends that will shape up the future of society. Technologists and experts have been working hard to deliver the world with the innovations that can change the lives of people!

Author’s Bio:

Lilia Peterson is a technologist who works for an agency in California which deals in IT consulting and services. She is an enthusiastic professional in the field of IT and technology. Lilia has covered several technological topics in her write-ups and loves to explore new ideas and wants to create creative concepts of technology.

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