What Are The 6 New Features In Xbox One?

Home video gaming consoles have been around for ages and with the advancement in technology they have become well and better, delivering real life like gaming experience in the comfort of one’s home. One can literally experience virtual reality that enables a person to engage in an immersive gaming experience. Various large technology companies have been at the forefront of this gaming revolution and the xbox one is the most advanced home gaming console to hit the market in the recent years. Here are some of the latest features of this cutting edge gaming console.

1. Kinect Motion Sensing Console

The kinect motion sensing console is now an integrated peripheral of the latest xbox version. This means that one can enjoy more gesture based games and have a more engaging gaming experience. This also means that one can play games like tennis and cricket right at home through hand and body gestures.

2. Better Processor and Graphics

The new xbox is based on the same processor and chip architecture as the first xbox model. The processor is the latest and the fastest available in the market which means that even the most graphic heavy games run very smoothly. The console also has many more features like an improved support for split screen usage, and using hand gestures to control the device and launch applications like skype etc.

3. Xbox Live Integration

This is the cloud computing platform of Microsoft that now comes with a much larger capacity with the latest xbox. This means that the capacity to hold a lot of games goes drastically up. One can host the games with other players online across the globe. This also means one can share videos and highlights from gameplay with friends across the internet.

4. The Design of the Console

The console has been designed to ensure that it looks sleeker and more beautiful. The finish is in matte grey and black and the entire machine now looks more entertainment oriented. There is also the xbox logo to indicate the status of the hardware device.

5. Overall Better Hardware

Not only is the processor one of the best in class, but the eight GB of RAM is more than sufficient torun any game available in the market today. And to ensure that one has access to a large number of games the device comes with a huge hard drive space. This means that even after the OS installation there is still over three hundred GB of storage space left. The graphics card is also state of the art and so is the RAM that delivers an excellent performance in combination with the processor.

6. Controller

The controller is not designed to ensure a better and more real life like game play. The controller features a four way tracking pad which means more control during the game. The battery compartment is also slimmer making the controller easier to hold and use. Each trigger features individual rumble motors called the impulse triggers.

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