Paid Membership Pro: A Detailed Analysis

With the help of the paid membership pro plug-in it is possible to create websites with paid content. People launching their own web link like to convert it into a profitable venture that generates revenue over a period of time. Although there are many membership press plug-ins but they cannot match with the membership pro features that are enumerated as follows:


One of the best advantages of the widget is that it can be used easily to set up recurring payment subscriptions without any hassles. Moreover, it is also possible to configure sites equipped with multi tier subscription attributes. Another important feature of the plug-in is its inherent ability to schedule the content according to the requirements of the users. For instance, you can write multiple blogs but use the MemberPress application to make sure that only one of them goes live on a weekly basis. It is a very important property that would help to maintain the dynamism of the website. With new blogs on weekly basis, the users who are looking for new information would definitely get attracted to the websites.

As far as the cost is concerned, the MemberPress Pro widget can be downloaded for free and users may also be able to review the code so that it could be optimized according to the requirements and specifications. Even it is possible to change the widget for free and install the same on more than one website. You can create forums as well as course on the membership website and secure them with the help of the application.

Webmasters can protect important content such as news, media, Ebooks and forms by creating a virtual pay wall on a fly. Different levels of membership along with unique subscription plans are created to ensure that members are authorized before they view the content on demand.

Due to a simplistic user interface, people can set up the site within an hour to charge the visitors for accessing the premium content on the web pages. MemberPress Pro widget is bestowed with the attribute allowing users to frame the content rules by using the drag and drop techniques.

If you are launching email campaigns to advertise about products and services, the application will help to accomplish the task quickly and effectively. By installing the application on the web page, you are assured that the visitors would be engaged with interesting content. Even the membership levels can be created keeping in view of the custom trial periods ranging from free trial to introductory pricing options.

MemberPress Pro widget is cross compatible with any of the third party payment gateway such as brain tree or pay pal available on the internet. Furthermore, it is also possible to create content with customized themes or use the premium options available from the third party website. Pro widget is packaged with 4 options for processing manual as well as automated payments. Since all gateways are tested thoroughly, there is no chance of missed payments or lost opportunities. With the help of the plug-in you can transform multi site into a network of sites with paid subscriptions and start earning money.

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