How to Write a Long Essay in Just One Day?

Best Ways To Edit and Revise Your Research Paper

Being in school and college can be a real chore and we need to do a lot of work. Things should be planned very carefully and we should make sure that everything can be completed properly. In general, we should properly complete all tasks properly and this includes writing proper essays. As an example, we could be asked to write an essay about the history of Roman Empire that spans for centuries in just one day. In this case, we may need to struggle to learn about the long history of the empire and we could end up reading random stuff. Essay writing could be a snore-inducing boredom and many students are completely unprepared for this task. The sheer amount of work that they need to complete can be mind-boggling and such a pressure could actually cause many students to procrastinate. If teacher tells us to prepare a 5-page essay in just one day, the first thing we should do is to prepare all required notes and books. We should review previous class sessions and consider things that we could include in the essay.

Some teachers could even require us to prepare a separate PowerPoint presentation that we need to present in front of the class after the essay is submitted. In general, we should focus 90 percent of our effort in the essay and once we fully grasp the material, we should be able to create a PowerPoint presentation much more easily. When using books for our references, we should consider chapters that are more relevant for our essays. Notes should also be organized and ordered by their relevance and significance. In this case, we would be able to get enough information that we need to gather data. Before writing an actual essay, we should sit down on a comfortable desk and start reading. It is important to allocate enough time for our reading session. We should make sure that we are able to scan all the reading material in a specific amount of time. This should provide us with enough time to evaluate all the data and start with the actual writing task. If the time is limited, we should look for similar essays written by others in the past and choose the best one. We could steal concepts and structures of these essays, but not their actual words. Find essay writing of GRADE quality on

Because teachers and professors also ask us for the actual document file, they often check our essay for plagiarism by running it through a plagiarism-checking tool. It’s embarrassing if we get an F, because we plagiarize others’ essays. This includes stealing multiple sentences and paragraphs from multiple essays and combining them to make a single essay. Plagiarism is essentially an intellectually destructive form of procrastination. It is important to use our own words and add a few of our unique ideas. When writing an important essay, we should turn off the smartphone and TV; even disconnect the Internet connection for our desktop or laptop. Much of the writer’s block is actually caused by external interruptions.

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