How To Make A Successful Website?

How To Make A Successful Website?

With the evolution of the internet, the business has never been the same again since the online business has started to develop. Now, the majority of business entrepreneurs conduct online business. It is almost impossible to find out any business who does not have well-designed website to catch attention of the customers. However, it is easy to start a website, yet you should know what attributes should be added to your website to make it a successful one.

Here are 7 Key Elements for a Successful Website:

1) Put your Contact Information:

It is obvious element, but yet some people forget to put their contact information on their website. Contact information lets your customers know who you are and how to contact you, whether by email or phone call. Your address might make convenient for them to reach you.

If possible add multiple phone numbers, in case one number temporarily goes out of service.

In other words, without contact information no matter how good is your website, but your customers will not be able to reach you. The Contact tab should be easily visible on your website.

2) Write About your Company:

Create a tab named “About Us” on your website. This tab would let your customers know what your company is about and how it deals with the customers. You can write here about how long the company is in this business, and its awards and achievements. About Us tab has a great importance for press. Reporters with close deadlines must be able to access your company’s information, founder’s bio and all needed information about company effortlessly.

3) Optimize your Website for All Devices:

With the advancement of mobile internet, people are more inclined towards them.  People use smartphones and tablets more than computers to access internet, as they are handy and can give access to internet any time anywhere. But, many phones do not accept flash. The websites which are not optimized for mobile phones, they might lose against their competitors. If you are looking for a website designer in Brisbane, they optimize your website for mobile phones by making a responsive design of your website. Hence, it is necessary to optimize your website and make it user-friendly for phones and tablets to increase your sale.

4) User-friendly Website:

Make your website such that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Though most of the people now are friendly with the computers, but yet there are many who do not know how to surf internet. So whatever services or products you are providing they should be easily visible and accessed by the visitors.

5) Make Lite Website Design:

Make your website design such that it is accessed faster and do not get bogged down in low-configured computers. Do not use heavy design which might look good, but slows down the user’s computer. Not everybody has super fast computers. Using Flash on your website makes your website look attractive, but it takes time to load and people might bounce off your website before it loads. Do not use unnecessary design.

6) Place Social Media Gadgets or Buttons:

Social media connectivity can turn out to be a huge increase of visitors on your website. Place social media buttons on your website, so that if any customer likes your product, then they can share with their friends on social media websites through these buttons. Put them on every page, so that the information, which is being shared, can be easily available by others. But do not put them in an obtrusive manner. Top right or bottom of the page is recommended for these buttons.

7) Optimize your Website for Search Engines – Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a key to success of any website. SEO is simply optimization of your website for search engines so that people can easily find your website, provided if their search query is relevant to your website. Though you have the best product and you give best services, but without SEO your website would appear on the 5th or later page on search engines, where people would not bother to see. An optimized website is one which ranks on first or hardly on the second page of search engine.

Thus, all websites are not created equal, but all successful websites follow these elements. It is not a hard task to create an efficient and user-friendly website, but it does take some time to make it successful.

Author Bio: Mike is working as a web designer in Brisbane, since last few years. If you are looking for website designer in Brisbane to develop a website for your business, he is more than willing to help.

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