Hackers Beware! Protecting Your Digital Photos From Online Hackers

Hackers Beware! Protecting Your Digital Photos From Online Hackers

Beyond Embarrassing

Imagine switching on your computer or mobile devices and finding hundreds of messages from your friends alarmed at what they have seen online. Months ago you may have sent some, well, um, interesting photos to a ‘friend’ (contrary to all the advice you were given) and even forgot about it. Now, your interesting photos are all over the Internet and everyone has seen them (maybe even your parents!).

Even if the pictures are not embarrassing, they are still private and it can be pretty violating to have them all over the Internet used for who knows what. Moreover, since there are a lot of crazy people out there, you need to take safety matter into your hands.

Here we go…

  • Disable automatic cloud backups

These smart phones are a lovely thing but they come with their own risks. They come with better cameras but the default settings for these phones are that every photo taken uploads to an online or cloud storage device.

If you do not have some kind of previous arrangement with the cloud storage service then you may not really be in control of how the service uses your information. This means that your documents and photos are vulnerable to access by anyone.

  • Seek encrypted cloud services

These services are available from various cloud-based storage services like those provided on http://www.phtosafe.com. Encryption makes it nearly impossible for others to view it; even the staff of the service provider is not able to access your information or your password.

  • Be careful how you send sensitive photos

Most of these photos are stolen while on transit between you and your friends. It is therefore important that you use private messaging application that erase these pictures automatically after some time.

You should also avoid sharing files over your cloud storage company. Your data can be really vulnerable if shared this way. Instead, download the pictures from the cloud and send them in an encrypted state to your friends.

  • Do your own encryption

If you choose to hold your photos and documents on your laptop or mobile device, then it is highly advised that you encrypt them there. This ensures that if your device is stolen or accessed without your consent, this information will be secure. There are plenty of encryption applications, some of which are free while others are for sale. You can get either kind as long as you protect your precious photos.

  • Watch out on social media

How many people on the globe have access to the various social media platforms you are on? Now, imagine all these people being able to see your sensitive pictures. Not so cool, right? In addition, they don’t need to be able to access your pictures if you simply adjusted your privacy settings.

There are many things to consider beyond the privacy settings. You need to check who are your friends/followers and feel free to unfriend/unfollow people that seem to be ‘weird’. Trust your gut on this one.

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