Cool Your Home by Planting A Tree

Planting a tree around your home may be a physical task but having one is going to be truly beneficial to you and to the other members of your household. Cool your home by adding vegetation and other landscaping. These will help reduce the heat and cool the air around your home. Trees release moisture into the air, cooling the air that surrounds them.

Planting a Tree: High Quality of Air for you

If you have experienced walking through the woods, under the vast shade of trees, then you must know how low the temperature is when surrounded by trees as compared to having no trees around. Planting a tree which naturally releases moisture from its leaves will affect the surrounding air’s heat storage, relative humidity, and more. Such factors work together to help reduce the air temperature by up to 2 degrees Fahrenheit on mid-day. Since a lot of pollutants and chemicals increase with temperature, with cooler air come less pollutants and ozone-forming chemicals.

Airborne particles and other particulate matter can be easily breathed deeply by our lungs because of their microscopic size. Such matters can easily harm the human body by causing serious health problems. Planting a tree will help reduce these harmful particles in the air. Through the tree’s leaves, these harmful particles are absorbed by the tree, making the air a lot safer to breathe.

An effect that is often disregarded is probably the effect on the electric consumption at home. Once the air in your abode is cooler, there will be a reduced use in cooling appliances such as air conditioners, therefore saving you a lot of bucks.

Planting a Tree is easy as 1-2-3

When placed on strategic places, trees will cool your home by significantly lowering the building’s temperature with its shade. There are just some things which you should bear in mind in planting a tree around your house.

  • Tree roots need a lot of room underground. So before you plant a tree, make sure that there is enough space for its root system below the ground. Avoid planting a tree near a building.
  • Tree branches need space too so avoid planting a tree near electric and telephone wires.
  • Before digging, contact your local utility company to make sure that you won’t damage any underground lines.
  • Once planted, water it carefully. Avoid putting too much pressure when using a hose. Avoid overwatering as this may cause root suffocation. Know the right time and the right amount to water the plant to make sure that it grows healthy.

If planting a tree is not for you, or you do not have enough space at home to do so, there are other plants which will give the same effect to your home. Tall dense shrubs placed near your windows will also help filter the air before it enters your home. These plants will also serve as a shade to block direct sunlight from hitting your windows and glass doors.

Written by Clark Jones, owner of Tree Frog Complete Grounds Maintenance. Tree Frog is the best company for landscaping in Columbia, MO.

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