9 Benefits To Attending A Faith-Based College

College can be a daunting endeavor, and it’s not simply the cost, but the large variety of options. Moreover, the college chosen dictates the place they’ll move, leaving any sense of home or familiarity. It’s exciting and life-changing, but that’s also why it can rattle the nerves. This is why attending a faith-based college can be an excellent choice for students looking to further their education.

What’s more, religious colleges don’t have inferior education. They still need to achieve the same core curriculum of other universities. This is why, no matter what degree you’re looking for (music, business, law, biology – you name it!), a faith-based college will prepare you equally, if not more so. Whereas many people become lost on their way to adulthood, a Christian university reinforces the values students already know and helps apply them in their careers.

And, because many colleges are far from home, it helps transitioning to a college that unites a shared belief system. In addition, here are nine benefits to attending a faith-based college.

1. Christ in College & Career

The older we become, the more responsibilities we have. It’s not just about showing up to school on time or completing community service by a certain deadline, instead we have to pay insurance premiums, phone bills, take the car in for regular service, make work deadlines and travel for meetings. With the increased responsibilities, it’s easy to lose sight of your faith. Instead of putting Christ at the forefront, the need to make money grows to paramount importance.

In a faith-based college however, you’re not just taught how to incorporate your religion into your studies, but well into your careers as well.

2. Christian Guidance & Mentors

One of the chief benefits of attending a Christian college is that all professors share your faith. As a result, you’re surrounded by mentors who share your values.

The professors come from varied and eclectic backgrounds and they can help guide you by relating the paths they took; the lessons they learned; and how they would do things differently. You gain first-hand experience from people who have gone through college and found a footing in their careers while maintaining their faith in Christ.

When you grow up in a church, you feel a sense of community. That sense can get lost in college since there may not be as many people that share your faith. This makes some people feel alone or ostracized in their new setting and it can cause them to go down a darker path.

With a faith-based college however, Christ is applied within your studies. Finding a job isn’t easy and making money can be challenging, but teaching students that they have a community to help

3. Christ-based Backgrounds

One of the things many Christian students have struggled with is knowing the context of their professors’ lectures. Becoming a professor means becoming a guide and many in secular colleges don’t have a problem sharing their morals even if they’re contradictory to your own values.

At a Christ-based university however, you know the context behind every professors’ words. What’s more, if they say anything that seems contradictory, you can ask them to clarify how that applies to Christianity knowing full well that you have the support of your fellow students and the educational system.

4. Diversity in Faith

Some people criticize Christian colleges, saying that a variety of faiths fosters greater growth. However, in a Christian university, there is no shortage of diversity. When you attend college with peers, they come from all over the nation and chances are high that a parable you may not have taken a second look at, moved their lives to no end. If anything, Christian colleges are perfect for obtaining a more panoramic view of your faith and deepening your knowledge of the Bible.

5. Christian Universities Foster Community

In this day and age, everyone is well aware of how difficult it is to find a job. Most of the time, it’s not that people are unqualified, it’s simply that it’s hard to get your foot in the door for an interview. At a Christian University however, your fellow graduates and professors become your network.

If one person finds success, you become the top of their referral list when a position opens up. If one person leaves a job, they may offer you a position as their replacement. There are many more options available to students who become educated through a Christian community.

6. Christian Colleges Give Your Perspective

When you attend college, your worldview expands enormously (and rapidly). It can seem overwhelming at times, and that’s all the more reason why a faith-based college is a good choice for students.

A Christian college helps center your knowledge, it gives you the foundation of your knowledge. Instead of being pulled in every direction, you can always relate everything back to your faith.

7. Strengthens Your Faith

For many students who attend secular college, their faith is tested by many others’ nonbelief. It can be challenging and, while some may feel this is a good way to strengthen their faith through trials, others may find themselves lost.

At a Christian college, your faith is strengthened with mentors and peers who share your faith. You’re not wandering alone on your own, you’re reinforced and provided tremendous insight. Everything relates back to God to help you fortify your faith.

8. Christian Universities Are Less Expensive

More often than not, Christian universities are less expensive than secular colleges. This is not because they offer less value, but to present where their values lie: education and faith.

For students afraid of going deep into debt from college tuition, Christian universities focus on integrity, morals, and spiritual discipline before monetary gain. With the numerous scholarships available as well, students are able to get the same education in a supportive community at a fraction of the cost.

9. Fun Activities

Just because it’s a Christian university, doesn’t mean it’s devoid of the “college experience”. There are still sponsored social events, gatherings, concerts, and frequent nights out. The chief difference is these events still honor your faith.

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Dale is the Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Warner Pacific and has over 25 years’ experience in promoting and advancing private colleges. He is passionate about helping students see the opportunities that college can provide and identifying what strengths and insight they each bring to enrich the campus community. Dale loves to travel and has had the opportunity to visit 26 countries.

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