6 Tips For Buying Your First Drone

Drones have become quite popular in the past few years – and with good reason. They bring a new world of possibilities to our everyday tasks. With the development of this technology, we will be able to change the way we respond to crisis, expand our artistic thinking in regards to videography, and explore a multitude of new opportunities. If you’re looking to explore the skies with this new technology, there are some things you should take into consideration when buying your first drone.

6 Tips For Buying Your First Drone

1. Know the Terminology

The first step to making a great investment is understanding what you are investing in. There will be many terms you are unfamiliar with when you first start to look into your options. One of the first things you’ll want to look up are terms that tell you more about how the drone you’re buying may differ from others on the market. For example, you’ll likely want to look for a ready to fly model (RTF) for your first drone. Ordering a model that is already complete will give you a faster start in your learning experience.

2. Be Prepared to Pay for Quality

There is a certain level of skill required to operate this type of machinery. With many types of remote controlled aircraft, the skill level required to operate the machine increases with the price. However, with drones this is not the case. As the price increases, so does the ease with which you are able to operate the drone. This is because more expensive models have more sensory equipment that allows the controller to better connect to the drone. To find a good model, look at reputable brands like RotorCopters.

3. If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

Keeping an aircraft in the air is a difficult task – even if it is small compared to commercial helicopters and planes. You’ll want to practice flying your aircraft in an area where there is lots of open space so you can get used to the controller. Before purchasing a drone, try to map out areas that you can use for practice. Try looking for a park with flat ground. You’ll be able to keep the drone within your line of sight and see how sensitive the controls are. Once you are more acquainted with the controls of the drone, you’ll be able to fly your drone in other areas with tighter spaces.

4. Invest Early On

If you’re really serious about learning to operate a drone, you’ll need to invest in quality equipment. The first you thing you should look into is buying a high quality controller. Controllers, unlike other modern technology, are not easily outdated. If you invest in a high quality controller, you’ll be able to keep it for many years. Make sure that the transmitter is removable. By doing this, you’ll be able keep upgrading the controller as new technology comes out.

5. Immerse Yourself in the Community

When you purchase your first drone you’ll find that you have a lot of learning to do. One of the best ways to get up to speed is to join an online drone community. You’ll be able to ask experienced users any questions you may have. However, it is important to note that online chatrooms can be intense at times. It is advisable to look for a group that welcomes beginners if you cannot find the answers to basic level operating questions through online searches.

6. Be Familiar with Legislation Regarding Drones

Drones are innovative and exciting, but when you start venturing into airspace you need to be familiar with safety precautions and laws regarding drones. As soon as you’ve purchased your drone, you need to register it. Failing to register your drone before flying it could result in legal consequences. The registration process is fairly simple. The forms are accessible online and for a mere $5 you will be in good standing with the Federal Aviation Administration for three years.

Enjoy your search for the perfect drone! Take time to consider all of these things before you purchase a drone so you can make the best decision possible. You’ll be able to take to the skies and explore freely. As long as you respect the privacy of others and fly safely, you’re going to have a wonderful experience.

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