12 Tips to Make Quarantine Life Much Easier

12 Tips to Make Quarantine Life Much Easier

What comes first in your mind on listening to the word quarantine?

First and foremost, our faces fell instantly, and words like boredom, frustration, and stress appear in our minds. This is the worst thing that ever happened in our life. No one had thought that one day we all be locked up in our own houses, doing nothing, but cursing this quarantine and pandemic. Seriously, this quarantine thing is too much to handle.

Our favorite sports events are canceled, schools and colleges are shut down, the malls and gyms are locked. It’s like a full stop inscribed on our life.

But what exactly is quarantine? According to the English dictionary, Quarantine is a state, period, or place of isolation in which people that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious are placed. But nowhere is written that this quarantine brings tons of boredom. But there is nothing wrong with having fun in this period. Right?

There is no denying the fact that quarantine is more than necessary to keep us safe from this deadly coronavirus. If we want ourselves and our dear ones to be safe & healthy, then quarantine is a must. This requires a little bit of willpower, and you can defend this period easily.

Here, we are providing some easy ways you can use to make your quarantine easier.

1. Learn

There are numerous things we want to learn but never got time for them in our busy schedule. Spending time and learning is the wisest thing during this period. In the end, we will be experts in a skill. There must be an enormous range of videos in your saved list on YouTube. Just open them and start learning.

2. Music

Our all-time favorite music can be our best companion in quarantine. Spending time listening to music and podcasts is one of the best. But let’s make it different, start listening to a different genre and find the best songs in that.

This activity will consume your time, and the best part is, it will decrease your stress level and increase the level of dopamine in your body. Also, don’t forget to add all your favorite ones to the playlist, and you can send that playlist to your friends and family too.

3. Gardening

If you have some open space and haven’t utilized it till now, then the perfect time comes. Bring your inner gardener out and search your chisel, scissors, and other tools to get started to make your open space. Create a beautiful garden and if you already have one, then renovate it.

12 Tips to Make Quarantine Life Much Easier

Pluck the weeds out, give your shrubs a new shape, sow new seeds, and do what you want in your space.

4. Keep an Eye on your Fitness

There won’t be a better time to get a toned stomach and perfect figure. Take the help of YouTube, or there are hundreds of fitness apps available on the google play store. You can easily download them.

So, start the best one for you and give a kick start to your workout. The major advantage is that you can’t eat junk now because of quarantine so, it will help you a lot to get the perfect shape and size.

5. Write a Diary

It may seem boring to some, but give it a try. Start writing about the most beautiful moments of your life. You have enough time to recall all your sweet memories, so remember them and pen them down in your diary.

Along with that, you can write about your failures and sad stories, but don’t forget to write the lessons you learned from them. This is the perfect time to write your emotions down. You can write a love letter to your crush or can take your frustration out easily. This idea will consume your time, and you will feel much better after penning.

6. Interview your Family Members

There must be enough time to get in touch with your dear ones. So now the time comes to know about yourself from your family members. Plan an interview via zoom or google meet, and you can do this in your home too. Prepare some questions, some topics to ask from your interviewer.

You can start your first interview with your grandparents. Grandparents have a lot to share, but in reality, you have no time to listen to their beautiful stories and about their ups and downs, their experiences, etc. This tip will make you feel delighted and your grandparents will be super happy too. This will be a win-win situation.

7. Polish your Hobby

We all have one or more hobbies, and spending time with our hobbies always lessens stress. If you love singing or writing songs, then do it. You can write as many songs as you wish. If you love drawing or painting, find your sketch pens and pallets and start drawing your ideas on paper.

12 Tips to Make Quarantine Life Much Easier

If you like writing, you can start your blog, or you can start video blogging, and there is much more you can do. If you love teaching, then you can apply for online teaching classes and earn money.

8. Play Games

There are a lot of games available on the play store, and most of them is to play with friends, download them, and show your passionate player to the world. If you are excellent at playing a particular game, you can start live streaming too.

PUBG is the best game to play in this period, and it is guaranteed, if you play this game, your time flies with a speed of 500 km/ hr. There are lots of modes to try, and you can play with your friends too.

9. Renovate your Home

Take a round of your house, take a look at your furniture and cupboards. You can rearrange your furniture to give your house a whole new look. This small tip will give a pleasurable feeling. You will feel excited.

Along with, if you have some chart papers in your home, then hunt YouTube for different ideas to decorate your home with chart papers and all. Make different homemade showpieces. And place them on your walls. Whenever you look towards them, you will feel proud of yourself.

10. Cooking

You never have enough time to cook something different in your normal routine. There are lots of recipes we have in our minds but never have enough time to execute them.

12 Tips to Make Quarantine Life Much Easier

So, the time comes, first write all the recipes you know, and if you wonder? Then Why we have YouTube? Search there, and multiple channels are providing special quarantine recipes that were instant and easy. You can try them every day. So, start searching, ransack your kitchen, make different dishes daily, and savor them with your family, or you can eat them with your friends too via video call.

11. Solve Riddles

Bring your logical and creative mind out. There are 1000s of riddles and puzzles available in your newspapers and on the internet. Start doing some mental exercise and flaunt your solutions with your friends. You can also create a list of different riddles and ask them in a group video call with your friends.

12. Meditation

In our hectic schedule, we never have time to explore our inner selves. Meditation is necessary to control our thoughts, emotions, etc. Meditation relaxes your mind and soul. It increases your focus and awareness and makes you emotionally calm and stable.


So, quarantine is not the ultimate fountain of boredom and frustration. It is all about your perspective towards a situation. These above-mentioned tips will help you a lot in making your life easier and productive.

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