Which Traffic Tickets Require a Mandatory Court Appeal and How To Get Out of Going!

There are all kinds of possible traffic violations, some more serious than others. For some, if you choose not to fight them, you can pay the fee online. For others, though, you will be required to make an appearance at a traffic court. Before heading to court, it is always a good idea to contact traffic lawyers near me. A good legal team will be able to help you understand your options.

What Tickets Require an Appearance 

In general, the more serious a traffic infraction is, the more likely you will have to go to court. In most cases, the police officer will inform you that a court appearance is required. The following citations are the most common ones that require an appearance:

  • Hit and run accident
  • DUI
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Speeding ticket 25 mph over posted signs
  • Speeding ticket of over 100 mph

Different jurisdictions may have slightly different requirements for a court appearance, but those listed above are the most likely ones. Furthermore, the ticket may have “Mandatory Court Appearance” stamped on it. Moving violations charged to a minor typically require a court appearance as well.

What to Do If You Must Go To Court? 

Since these infractions are all serious matters, and because they can disrupt your life in many ways, it is always best to seek our professional help. This is true if you need a traffic lawyer in Los Angeles or a traffic lawyer San Diego. An experienced legal team will be able to represent you in court and make sure the ticket was issued fairly and justly. In many cases, the charges will be reduced or dismissed, which can save you a lot of money.

Who To Contact? 

There are a few options when you decide to fight a traffic ticket, but some are better than others. Look for an experienced company that has been in the business for years and that offers a free consultation.

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