What Are The Benefits Of Integrating Social Media Into Your Website?

What Are The Benefits Of Integrating Social Media Into Your Website?

When it comes to online marketing, nothing has had quite the impact of social media. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have literally millions of users who view content on them each day. These huge numbers of users also take to social media to find out about businesses and interact with them, very often instead of initially visiting your main website.

When you consider how easy and fun social media makes this, it is easy to see why so many people love using it each day. In business terms, this has also made it a very important marketing channel to connect with consumers on, and to promote your company’s brand image on a global scale. Even better, it is free to use so you do not even have to make any initial outlay to harness its power. When you add all this up, it is easy to see why your business should be using social media.

Why integrate social media into your site?

Of course, your organization may already be using social media as part of its marketing activities and believes that it works on a stand-alone basis. While that is partly true, to gain the full impact of this marketing channel then you need to integrate it into your business website.

But what benefits will this give you? Read on for a few of the main ways it can help:

  • Wider reach through various channels – by fully integrating your social media accounts with your website, you make it easier to post your website content quickly across multiple platforms. That creates a positive brand image across the globe as you can easily post the same content on all the social media channels you are targeting at the same time. Integrating social media share or like buttons also makes it easy for visitors to share your content and widen its reach.
  • Helps to promote brand awareness – one key reason to connect your social media accounts to your website is that it then starts to really build your brand with consumers. By posting relevant content on your social media accounts that are integrated into your website, you are not only telling more people about what you do but also helping drive traffic to your website and increase sales.
  • Get more followers – of course, when it comes to social media accounts the number of followers you have is key. More followers mean that more people are seeing what you post and are visiting your website as a result. To help this along, it is worthwhile integrating ‘Follow’ buttons for your social media accounts into your website. That makes it very easy to capture social media followers if they are actually on your site.
  • Better visual appeal – another reason to integrate social media into your website is the increase in visual appeal it will give. The stream of social media posts from the integrated feed that are image or video heavy will greatly life the overall design of your website. It is not difficult to do and gives a great overall impression when done correctly.
  • Boost for your content marketing efforts – when it comes to online marketing, content marketing is king. This is the process of raising awareness of the content you post to get it in front of more people and to drive traffic to your website. Social media buttons on your website can really help with content marketing as it makes it easier than ever for people to share information directly from your site.
  • Better connection with customers – social media is great at keeping in contact with your customers and allowing you to keep them updated with your latest offers or news. Chern Lee Twitter updates show how you can utilize social media to offer a voice for your industry while connecting with the company’s customers. An expert in the marketing industry, Chern Lee harnesses the power of social media and this is something that no modern website can ignore.

Social media + website = marketing nirvana

One of the great things about integrating social media into your website is that it is a highly effective marketing tool to use. Not only will it allow you to add to your website’s appeal and functionality but also give your visitors an easy way to share your content. That makes it very effective at spreading the word about your industry expertise and also what it is you have to offer. Social media is such a powerful tool on its own that not integrating it with your website is a missed opportunity.

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