Website Design: Why It Matters?


In today’s visual market, just about every business has a website, but the question at hand is whether it stands out in the crowd. A good website design is crucial for engaging users online and getting ahead of competitors. Believe it or not, but it takes a user no more than a split second to form an opinion about the company’s credibility based on a web portal design. In fact, a single glance can make or break a potential customer.

Website Design: Why It Matters?

The web design is the first thing a prospective customer will notice which is why its quality is so important. It needs to have a special spark that is appealing and eye catching. But a website design is not just about appearance and looks.  It is an integral part of the marketing strategy and plays a vital role in enhancing customer experience, goal conversion, and promotion of content. Here are four reasons why a good website design  matters.

First Impression:

The look and appeal of the website have a profound impact on people. It needn’t be the most brilliant website, but a good interface matters. An uncluttered layout that suggests quality and professionalism along with good use of design elements like attractive colours, text block size, well- crafted message and easy navigation is inviting and evokes interest. Such a site can exert a strong influence on visitors’ first impression and prompt them to take action.

Branding Portal:

Your website is a crucial marketing and communications tool for promoting your brand online. It conveys a picture and feeling to the people about your company, who you are and what you do.  A web design with stellar content that reflects the tone of your company has the potential to retain users and win over new customers.

Delivers Message:

A good design gives you control and helps deliver your message to users in exactly the way you want. Proper structuring of a web page that highlights the information with fluidity can direct online visitors towards the path you would want them to chart. These leads to a clear call for action and ultimately generate sales. In contrast, a poor design can create confusion and doubt.

Legitimacy and Trust:

A great design plays an important role in helping establish credibility and a trust factor. Clean lines, organised pages, and a streamlined process create a trusted digital experience for users and raise the reliability of your business. Visitors start feeling confident about the legitimacy of the brand and are convinced the content will deliver. On the other hand, a messy design and confusing website that is difficult to navigate gives the impression of a haphazard business. Users tend to become frustrated and start looking elsewhere for a similar product or service.

The bottom line is that design really matters, be it a website design in Thailand or anywhere else. Having said that, does your site achieve the purpose of embedding great content within a beautiful web design? If not it’s time for a revamp right?

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