Want The Perfect Haircut? Look At Your Face Shape

Want The Perfect Haircut? Look At Your Face Shape

When it’s time to pay attention to the hairdresser, you likely schedule an appointment and sit in the waiting area until it’s your time for a makeover. There are almost always dozens of hair magazines laying around that you can browse through for haircut inspiration. While you’ll probably come across more than a few cute hairstyles that would be flattering on you, there’s another secret to getting the perfect haircut. Visit mynewhairstyles.net and consider your face shape while looking at unique signature cuts. Women with heart-shaped faces look alluring with angled layers while those with round faces might look even better with soft, bouncy curls. Remember that your face is the canvas and your hair is the perfect frame if you consider the contours and shape of your face.

Keep It Fresh

No matter what kind of face you have or hairstyle you’re going after, always keep your look fresh and well-manicured. Realize that messy up-dos can still look polished by using a clean base and the proper styling products. Your hairstyle of choice might be uniquely you, but it should never look like you didn’t take time to achieve your look. If you’re going to get your hair cut into a bob, go back to your stylist regularly for maintenance and trims. Keeping your latest haircut looking fresh will add to its appeal.

Consider Current Hairstyle Trends

There are mermaid hair, fishtail braids, multi-colored ombre styles, and more style trends that may or not be flattering on you personally. Take your stylist’s advice to heart when you decide to try out a trendy hairstyle. Also, consider what you do for a living, as an investment banker might stand out in a not-so-good way if she were to come to work with a pink topknot. Last but not least, see if the trendy hairstyle you want to wear is going to look good with your unique face shape. Try on a wig, use hairstyle simulating app, or ask your stylist for help if you’re not quite sure.

Choosing a Haircut That is Versatile

Whether you are dead set on getting your hair cut into a pixie do or plan on rocking waist length ringlet curls, be certain that your style of choice allows you ample versatility. Consider whether you’ll be able to easily put your hair into a ponytail or at least push it out of your face with the help of a headband. You may love the way your hair comes out after a fresh haircut, but eventually, you’re going to want to wear it in a different way.

Some girls have all the luck when it comes to keeping their hair on point. You can make your hairstyling choices a major win by choosing each haircut carefully and working with a stylist who is familiar with your personal aesthetic. Keep it classy, make it funky, but most of all make your hair your own by choosing flattering hairstyles that compliment your face shape and you’ll look effortlessly stylish.

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