The Askiitians Plan To Finish Physics For JEE In 6 Months

The Askiitians Plan To Finish Physics For JEE In 6 Months

Are you preparing for IIT JEE and willing to devote the last six months for the preparation of Physics? Many students do find Physics a hard nut to crack even after an extensive study of one or two years. Although you had everything that was required in the preparation from books to self-study to dedication, yet you may feel that something is missing. Don’t panic because Physics can be tackled in six months by joining hands with askIITians. Crash course by askIITians is accomplished in four months. It can, therefore, be said that accomplishing Physics in 6 months for IIT JEE is definitely possible.

Benefits of Crash Course with askIITians

  • Intensive Program: Four months crash course is a plan of more than 300 hours that is divided into categories as listed-
  • Live Lectures of 170 hours
  • Doubt removal Sessions of 82 hours
  • High Order Thinking Skills of 52 hours

Within this 300 plus hours of crash course with one of the best online classes for IIT JEE, you can accomplish tests of each of the chapters more than 80 times, more than 15 mock tests, more than 80 videos for understanding theories of each of the chapters, more than 80 study planners and even more than this. In so much of extensive coaching in less than 6 months, you can grasp everything that you had been missing in mastering the subject Physics.

  • IITian Faculty: Who can teach IIT JEE syllabus better than IITians? The faculty associated with askIITians is experienced and the accumulative experience of the team of faculty is more than 180 years. This gives you an understanding of the expertise these teachers can have while teaching a student who is aspiring for IIT JEE. They are the subject matter experts and conduct interactive live classes for 35 students in a batch.
  • Batch Timing: As the class happens three hours a day and six days a week, you can estimate the completion of the syllabus in 4 months with no hassle. As there are twenty chapters in Physics and 24 days of classes every month, each topic of every chapter gets a good lesson from the faculty. The fear of not being able to complete Physics for the entrance gets over in a couple of days.
  • Revision during Self-Study: It is the duty of every student to do a proper revision even after the class of three hours and this is the ultimate motive of askIITians. In order to make this possible for the students attending classes with them, they provide recorded lessons of the already attended classes so that the revision can be more impactful. What better way to revise than going through the same lecture that you had attended so that things can be retained in the more effective manner?
  • 24 Hours Support: With the online coaching program’s doubt removal sessions available 24 hours a day, a student can have constant support of the mentors together with a forum for discussion that can be attended by all any time of the day as the forum is open for students across the Globe.
  • The Concept is the Main Ingredient: When a student starts his or her preparation for IIT JEE, one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the basics and fundamentals of Physics. Without the fundamental knowledge, a person may not have the best preparation. This is an ideal way to have a grip of each of the topics and concepts and then master any question that comes your way. Just the way a dentist knows more about your teeth, a dietician knows more about the diet, in a similar way, an IITian knows the subject of IIT from the crux.
  • Mock Tests: What is the point of a preparation if the evaluation is missing? The experienced IITians of askIITians are constantly with you in order to make you proficient in the subject and crack IIT JEE in flying colors.

The online coaching program makes you ready for Physics in the next four months. In short, if you don’t have time for 2 years and one year extensive program and you are on the brink of appearing for your IIT JEE, you need this handholding so that Physics is no more a rocket science.

It is owing to the methodology and the reference materials they have for a sure shot result in IIT JEE. You will have the best IIT JEE coaching of Physics or any other subject in the entrance.

While you attend the 4 months crash course, you also need to devote time for the other two subjects so that the other two are not left behind. The combined study of all the subjects together with the reference of study materials is what will make you cross the hurdle.

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