Step Up Your Home Storage Game With School Lockers

Step Up Your Home Storage Game With School Lockers

This is a home organization hack you might not have thought of before! Lockers can be useful in almost any room in the house, for pretty much any type of storage you need. Part of their surprising versatility comes from the varied styles and colours you can get them in, plus the fact that they’re easy to paint yourself!

Bedroom Lockers For Kids (and Adults Too)

There are tons of uses for lockers in bedrooms. For you, they come in adorable stand-alone units that make neat-o nightstands:

Step Up Your Home Storage Game With School Lockers

But the real hack here is for kid’s bedrooms. Lockers are easy to decorate and label for toy or clothing storage. If your kids are fans of sports, they would look especially perfect in a sports-themed bedroom, don’t you think?

Lockers in Mudrooms and Sports Rooms

The great ideas over at this shelving blog post include using lockers for outdoor and sports equipment storage. This doesn’t just go for sports fan man caves, though. If you or your kids participate in sports activities, lockers make great mudroom additions for the storage of gear and clothing. They’re also good for winter and rain gear.

Safety Storage

Remember that lockers are meant to be, well, locked! If you’ve got kiddos running around, they make great kid-proofing tools. Laundry room and kitchen chemicals can be locked away, along with anything else you might not want tiny hands getting hold of.

And while you’re at it, you could also make use of them for fun secrets and surprises. No more of kids accidentally stumbling across the Christmas presents hidden in the closet!

Gardens and Outdoors

As useful as lockers can be inside, their durability also makes them great for outside storage. Your gardening tools, pool chemicals, and anything else that needs protection from the elements can be tossed into the lockers for safe keeping.

Hide Storage Everywhere!

Lockers are strong and sturdy, and surprisingly easy to hide. Here’s a great post about using lockers as a kitchen island, which is seriously genius. The DIY potential is kind of endless here.

Take the Doors Off!

Yup, you can do that! If you like the style of lockers, you can display what’s inside them and use them as more decorative storage options. Considering how easy they are to decorate, you can easily make them fit with your decor. If you’re into a kind of funky modern style, they’ll fit right in at your house!

There are way too many options to go through all of them. I hope this post has given you some ideas about what you could do in your space. Happy lockering!

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