Review On Sothink Blu-ray Copy

Review On Sothink Blu-ray Copy

Hello dear readers! Glad I got another chance to share my personal software experience with you. And today I am going to recommend you a piece of very excellent Blu-ray backup software, hope some of you may have already heard of.

The software is made by SothinkMedia Software, and it’s officially named as Sothink Blu-ray Copy. I have to say, based on my own experience, that this is a great piece of Blu-ray copy tool. And here are my reasons.

Reason 1: It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Don’t get me wrong, when I say this. I’m not telling you that one program can work on both platforms, what I am referring to is that Sothink Blu-ray Copy has a Windows version and a Mac counterpart, which are sold separately with exactly the same price, $86.99 for a lifetime license. No matter you being a fan of Windows, or a loyal follower of Apple. You can have it.

Reason 2: Sothink Blu-ray Copy has amazing features which impress me quite a lot. It has 5 different copy modes available for you to choose, according to your specific need. You may want to make a backup of everything on the original Blu-ray disc, with or without compression, then you can select the Full Disc mode; you may also want to copy the feature-length title, the movie itself, no extra staff, no commercials, no FBI warnings, then you can simply select the Main Movie mode which will copy only the movie itself, nothing else; Sometimes, you could have been thinking of making a custom backup, like you want to keep the trailers together with the feature movie, and also some other special behind-the-scene features, then you can choose the Customize mode, which enables users to copy their wanted stuffs only, ditching all the others; or, you could also want a 1:1 lossless copy which is identical to the original both in terms of video and audio quality, then the Clone/Burn mode is your best shot; however, if you are telling me you want to combine several titles from different discs onto one single disc, that is not a problem either, Sothink Blu-ray Copy also has another copy mode called Merge, which does exactly the same job you are mentioning.

Reason 3: Sotink Blu-ray Copy yields amazing output quality yet the backup process is considerably speedy. This is due to the fact that it supports the GPU hardware acceleration, and also Intel Quick Sync. As of the output quality, you cannot tell any noticeable difference in terms of video and audio, unless you’ve selected to shrink the original materials at a very large compression rate, which is totally another topic.

The only pity I’ve experienced with this software is that it does not remove Blu-ray copy protections, which is apparently due to the legal problem. But, this is not a problem either, as there is quite a array of 3rd party decrypters out there, like WoooKao, Slysoft AnyDVD, and Passkey.

To sum up, Blu-ray movie maker is changing people’s entertainment style by offering the exquisite 1080p image, and well as the DTS Mater high fidelity audio. Although it is a little bit pricy as of now, it will eventually replace DVD as your primary medium of movie collections. And it is out of this consideration, that you need to take good care of your Blu-ray discs. That’s why Blu-ray copy software is here to help you. We’re not talking about promoting piracy, we’re just making legal backups of our personal collections for home use only. In this regard, Sothink Blu-ray Copy can be your best assistant.

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