Providing Quality Cocktail Service For Your Clients

Being able to offer your clients the convenience of a full cocktail service is a lucrative and profitable addition to your catering business. Locating economic supplies that provide quality items and services for your client’s event will maximize profits and keep guests happy.

Plentiful Options for Stocking Up

Depending on the type of event your client wants, there are many choices when it comes to drink service. For more traditional events like weddings, being able to offer drink service for your client’s event is essential. The consumable and reusable supplies you will need to keep guests happy are readily available at very affordable prices when you choose Pattersons wholesale bar supplies.

Whether you are serving at a high-end event with the finest of glassware or a pub style event with disposable cups, you want to be ready with all the equipment you’ll need. Making proper measuring equipment available will ensure cost effective service and that responsible portions are the norm. Giving your servers the ability to make a large variety of drinks will appeal to your client and their guests. Your employees can only utilize their extensive training when the have the tools to put them to use.

There are several pouring choices when it comes to topping your bottles for service. Your server could utilize a free flowing pourer and a jigger. Also, measured toppers are available as well. Ensuring table top or table side cooling of bottles is a professional catering touch you can offer as well. There is a variety of tubs, buckets, coolers and stands to select from. To keep up with the demands for ice at these events, portable ice crushers can provide instant access throughout the event. Don’t forget the many disposable items you can make available to guests. Stirrers, napkins, straws and condiments to enhance their beverages are necessary to ensure their comfort.

Keeping Guests Informed

Ensuring responsible service is important at every event. Providing proper notice regarding any policies, laws and restrictions are easy to display when you have the right equipment. Give your employees the tools to discreetly scan for the possibility of a counterfeit bill. Also, having signage regarding drinking age requirements, requests for quiet when exiting the event, licensing notices and other important announcements, are reusable items that will come in handy. Consider purchasing a sign board to provide a lively and decorative notice of your service and any specials that might be in effect.

If your service includes cloakroom staffing, adequate signage detailing policies and disclaimers are important. Also, purchasing rolled tickets can give your staff an inexpensive way to keep track of items and help guests retrieve their items at the time of their departure.

Inform guests on the legal policies regarding the measurements of different drink limits. Providing these informative signs can help answer questions and give your staff more time to do their job professionally. By providing your staff all the tools they need to provide quality drink service, you will ensure a responsible experience for all of your client’s guests at every event.

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