Lesser Risk and Better Results In Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women not only in London but all over the world. The breast implant procedure was first introduced in the 1960s. It is a safe and reliable way for women to enhance the size or volume of their breasts. Mainly two types of implants, namely silicone and saline, are used in this treatment. There is no health issue related to either of the implants and the saline variety is slightly reasonable in price as compared to the other.

Lesser Risk and Better Results In Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement

On the other hand, fat transfer breast augmentation is steadily gaining ground over the implant procedure. In this treatment, fat from other parts of the patient’s body is extracted through liposuction and then transferred to the breasts. Both implants and fat transfer approaches have their own pros and cons.

Pros And Cons of The Treatment Procedures

Fat Transfer Treatment

The advantages of fat transfer treatment procedure over the implant treatment are as following:

  • There is no risk of capsular contracture.
  • There is no risk of rupture either.
  • It involves a tiny incision, which is hard to notice.
  • Patients are more likely to feel mild post-operative pain.
  • In this breast enlargement treatment procedure, there is much less chances that your boobs will lose their sensation.
  • As fat is extracted by liposuction from patient’s body, the treatment is helpful in removing unwanted fat from your body.

Considering these factors, there are more takers for fat transfer breast augmentation in London than implant treatment. However, it does not mean implants do not provide any advantages for patients.

Implant Treatment

Breast implant procedure can increase the size of your breasts by 2 cup sizes or even more. Whereas, the fat transfer method can increase the size by about 1 cup size at the most. Thus, the implant treatment suits more to women who want a drastic enlargement of their breast volume.

The greatest disadvantage of implants is possibility of capsular contracture. Moreover, breasts that are artificially augmented in this process can get leaked and ruptured. In addition to the factors mentioned, it can also result in loss of sensation in your boobs. The two-inch long incision resulting from the implant surgery remains more prominent on a patient’s body.

The Fat Transfer Treatment Procedure

This treatment involves a simple process, which is minimally invasive. As the first step to transfer the fat to the breasts, the surgeon at Harley Street Breast Clinic will inject you with local anesthesia. Then, he will extract the excess fat either from your stomach or inner thighs and put it through a centrifugation process. This will separate the fat from unwanted components like water, blood and oil.

At the same time, the surgeon will extract about 50 ml blood from your body and put it in centrifuge to separate the platelets containing the stem cells. Then, the harvested fat is combined with the stem cells and the entire mass is injected into the breasts to make them look natural.

This treatment is actually more ideal for women who have undergone lumpectomy or have uneven breasts.

Surgeons prefer the fat transfer procedure over implant surgeries because of lesser risks and better result. However, you should perform various breast enlargement exercises and massage techniques to retain the increased size of your breast tissues.

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