I Wanted To Earn Money Writing Online, and Found Something Even Better Than Money At iWriter

I Wanted To Earn Money Writing Online, and Found Something Even Better Than Money At iWriter

Nineteen months ago, I had no clue what a “page view” was. I was a full-time Mommy and part-time sales associate at a major department store. I had two wonderful children and a smokin’ hot husband (are you reading this, Dan?), and a nice little house with a leaky basement. I had just given up on publishing my first novel, which had taken a year to write. Instead of more rejection letters, I wanted instant fame and fortune, so, naturally, I was drawn to iWriter.

I submitted my personal essay, “Confessions of a Guitar Hero Rockin’ Soccer Mom,” for upfront payment, and earned $3.00. That’s $3.00 more than I had earned on my novel’s 280-page manuscript-not a lot of money, but just enough to prove that I could earn money writing online. Was iWriter the answer to my prayers, or what? I could do what I love (write!) at home and actually get paid for it-unbelievable!

Well, the payments were rather unbelievable: $3.00 here, zero dollars there, 99 cents for an article that should have been worth at least $4.50 (in my humble opinion), a 33-cent Performance Payment based on page views…The money was slowly trickling in. Sloooooooowly.

In my first twelve months on iWriter, I earned approximately $115. I probably should have been discouraged, but I wasn’t, for several reasons: That PayPal money came in handy for lots of small online purchases throughout the year (for rare Star Wars Galactic Heroes action figures being sold on eBay that my husband and son couldn’t live without, for example). Thanks to my iWriter experience, other writing opportunities were opening up. Most importantly, through iWriter, I met lots of full-time writers-freelance writers, bloggers, SEO experts, published poets and novelists, journalists-people who had learned how to turn their passion for writing into a steady income. It was inspiring to see what other writers had accomplished. I also met many other people who had not figured out how to earn much money with their writing-amazingly talented, creative, funny, starving artists. (Guess which group I fit into?)

What’s so darn special about iWriter? It brings together people from all over the world. Most of us join iWriter to earn extra money, but what we find-in addition to the money, whether it’s $3 or $300 a month-is an incredibly supportive, diverse community of Contributors. What I lacked in Performance Payments my first year on iWriter, I made up for in friendships gained. There’s no rule that says you have to read the work of other iWriter Contributors or leave comments or send personal messages or chat in the forums, but if you never interact with this community, I think you’re missing out. There are some really cool, smart, fascinating, kind, helpful people at iWriter. I should know-I’m one of them (ha!).

It gives you room to grow, and lots of fun incentives along the way. My payments aren’t nearly as lousy as they used to be. I’m still earning pennies and dollars on articles I wrote over a year ago. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work for me, and learned how to make my articles more search-engine-friendly. I’ve enjoyed participating in various fiction and poetry contests, and I celebrate every time I get a new client. I recently I wrote some company reviews and earned $500. Pretty sweet!

But the money isn’t nearly as special as the people I’ve met here – the friends who make me smile when I’m having a rotten day. I’ve never met who are praying for my family as my daughter undergoes cancer treatment. All of you make iWriter feel like my online home.

Whether you’re looking to improve your writing skills, make a little extra cash or tap into your creative side, iWriter can help.

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