How Professional Photographers Can Benefit With The Photo App?

I am a professional photographer and usually I used to take pictures using my Canon camera. Now I have purchased a new Smartphone and some of my friends told me that there are some interesting photo apps available online which will help me a lot in my profession. It is true that Smartphones have changed photography a lot. With continuous improvement come up each time with camera hardware, I found it difficult for me to purchase an expensive camera every time. So I purchased a Smartphone, giving more importance to its camera features and I just searched through online to find one of the best apps compatible for my phone. I needed an app which will help me to edit images captured using tiny lenses and sensors.

Take unlimited Photo and Video using Photo App

Some apps which I have found online featured presets and filters while some aim to reproduce the feel of film photography. As a corporate event photographer, I was searching for an app that can edit all aspects of light captured in an image. The photo app must have some incredible unique features that can edit the captured images in such a way, it looks totally professional. Searching through the UrbanClap store, I found an app introduced by Google which is compatible for iOS and android phone. Every photographer has his own preferences for editing photos and from the list of other apps available online, I found Google app more useful for my profession. This app I use frequently, and recommend other Smartphone photographers and family event photographers to download it and use them.

The App Helps to Bring Photos to Life

The new cross platform photo app uses the technology is similar to that of an iCloud photo library. The app is completely free and it syncs photos and videos using Google drive storage. After using the app I have found Google providing backup service and will sync my photo collection across the device. The app maintains perfect photo quality up to 16MP and I have shot some videos which offered a video quality up to 1080p. It has built in sharing functionality and using the feature I have send photos and videos online to my colleagues and friends. I am personally very much happy with the app and the free price compels to offer a lot to the users.

The Photos and Videos Easily Searchable and Organized

For beginners, who are looking to store all the photos can download the UrbanClap India app for free in their Smartphone. Your photos and videos will be well organized and arranged by people, place and things. I quickly searched the required photos simply by tapping the name and place. Some of my photos remained private, but some I shared it through social networking sites. I have downloaded some essential backup features .The images you have taken can be simply edited with the tap of a finger. The editing tools, I have found so powerful that it applied filters and colors to the video and images in the right way. I have even found that the images you have taken can bring life by creating montage movies, animation and by adding interactive stories. The most interesting feature that made me happy was I didn’t have to worry about deleting photos to make space.

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