Comfort by Innovation: A Look Into

Bold is a proud member in a family of brands prominently acclaimed for producing exceptional and innovative sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures. And yes, the visionaries and craftsmen who have put unconditional love and effort in producing products for Bold, have taken upon their hearts one primary code to manufacture their products and that is the vessel of innovation.

Their entire range of bathroom fixtures and accessories has set them apart from other sellers of similar products in Dubai and they have innovated in some very niche areas. But before we go into the details of what Bold is selling to you, let’s look at the company as a whole:

The BOLD and the Beautiful

Innovation is the prize of a thinking mind. A constantly thinking mind once joins similar-thinking minds; they tend to produce something ‘extraordinary’, and that always gets the attention of a passing by eye. But ‘extraordinary’ won’t be everything if standards of quality are not met. And so Bold has come to existence and operation not only because they’ve seen success through innovation but by also ensuring unmatched class and quality standards. You may visit their website at and see how a simple product concept of bathroom fixtures and accessories has been turned into a class-A lifestyle.

Managing through a strong distribution network in the entire gulf area and collaborations with their business partners, Bold has ensured quality standards as well as efficient warehousing and distribution across the land they operate in. With an ISO 9001 certification in hand, a vastly strong distribution center in Jebel Ali, Dubai, Bold has proven to be a top notch innovator as well as an effective distributor.

Comfort – Class – Convenience: The BOLD Style

Of many products found in Dubai that are relevant to bathroom fixtures, Bold has a style of its own. There is definitely an immensely breaking competition taking place between similar companies producing bathroom accessories, but Bold has come to near top by a longer and more difficult but fruit-bearing way of innovation. The three factors they work so hard to deliver on are comfort, class and convenience. There is a certain flavor, a unique touch of class and luxury in every product they’ve ever manufactured.

Bathroom furniture, ceramic products like tubs and faucets, tiles, fittings and Foot Washer are some types amongst many that are Bold’s forte in the sanitary manufacturing industry. They take you beyond there’s no doubt about it but they also believe experience is everything.

The Riveting Innovations: Through the BOLD Way

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.”

An excerpt taken from the pioneers of Bold, the company has taken creativity up a notch by manufacturing products like the Foot Washer. An excellent example in general, it redefines your relationship with water. The Foot Washer has a soothing experience for all ages and all members of the family. It is easy and hygienic to use by anyone and provide a certain lift to your soul. Believe us, we’ve tried it and it is quite the revolutionary product not to be found anywhere else so easily.

It basically is called a Wudu Foot Washer, the primary big seller by Bold in their bathroom fixtures and accessories range. Although it can be used by all for a relaxing experience, it is specifically designed for the elderly folks, pregnant women and any and all who have a movement disability or challenge in that matter. You might think by looking at the image the Foot Washer requires electricity but in fact it works on a natural mechanism which does not include power at all and the water flow is kept at a minimal to provide a heart-soothing experience which is entirely engrossing.

The Wudu basin is another one of Bold’s innovations in bathroom fixtures that actually complements the use of the Wudu Foot Washer. The Wudu basin is designed to cater to water spillage and also allows space underneath for a Foot Washer that is truly complementing each other and providing a complete luxury bathroom experience riveting to your mind, body and soul.

Products worth Sharing

Available on Amazon, Bold’s wide range include mixer faucets with a finish of their own. Free standing basins, trap-way accessories, tubs with specialized designs, spas, and even bathroom products like towel, candle and soap holders are some amongst many of the fabulous products designed and delivered by Bold.

Their Vanity line is entirely worthy of being envious about as well. The line offers the standard one cabinet-basin cum mirror combination, however the designs are what take them apart. They truly are a class apart. Inclusive of all these amazing products are water or aqua flow products and button fixtures and actuator plates.

And that, our fellow readers, sums up the splendid craftsmanship and product range that Bold has promised us to deliver. And trust us when we say this, Bold delivers!

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