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3 Things That Make Your PC Slow While You Are Browsing the Internet

Garage Band is developed by apple Inc. It is a software application for OS X and iOS. This application allows its users to create their own music and podcast, this application also provides music lessons, it is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and music sequencer, which has an ability to play back to back multiple tracks of music. It has inbuilt audio filters that make use of audio units that allows you make audio tracks to make various effects like rework, echo, distortion and many more. Garage Band can also record audio at 16 bit and 24 bit.

Advancement of Mobile Software:

It includes a large collection of sample realistic instruments and software. Therefore, its features are audio recording, virtual software instruments, guitar features, MIDI Editing, music lessons, additional audio loops, third party instrument and apple packages, sample multitrack source files and many more. Garage Band was developed under the instructions of Dr. Gerhard Lingering. This application was announced during Steve jobs, keynote speech at San Francisco on 6th January 2004. It includes a standard keyboard as well as a smart keyboard instrument with different sound effects; it is even capable of playing arpeggin. Just like other keyboards, smart keyboard allows the user to play chords on piano four adjustable synthesizers and many more. It can be downloaded from It also includes auto play. The feature of touch drums includes three acoustic drum kits like studio kit, life kit and vintage kit.


Blackberry Messenger is developed by Blackberry Limited with platforms like blackberry, iOS, Android, windows phone. It is multilingual. BBM is an instant messenger which is pin based this application allows video telephoning and voice calls. Messages are sent via over the internet with the help of blackberry phone. The service communicates with the usage of phone’s internet connection or wireless LAN is now exchanging messages, with multiple people or to a single person including chat groups in single sessions. It offers other features like sending pictures, audio recording, location on maps and a wide range of emotions.

The release of BBM 5.0 has introduced the feature of QR Code to add each other in the respective friend list. It also shows message confirmation like being written, delivered and read. You can also create Like or Comment BBM Channels.BBM has proved to be multi platform to the option like a personal chat, group chat up to 30 people, status update and can send and receive updates over 2000 characters. It’s hugely reputed for its reliability. It even allows the user to create a list of the conversation by date and easily find the music that one wants to play. It also allows its users to pick an image of their choice and create an own personal aftars. It shows the name of the song which one is listening over BBM. And if one feels like can turn off this feature. It also has a feature of broadcast messaging with setting option to block unwanted people. The home page shows options, like chat updates, Groups, Channels, Invites and Shop. It can be downloaded from

There are thousands of games available on present day. However, it often gets difficult for the users to find out the best, out of the lot, if fast mobile software is concerned. and several other smart blogs have come up with the same idea of helping the modern day online blog readers. The team of these online blogs dedicate themselves in extensive researches to bring in the best for the users of present days.

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