4 Things Dog Trainers Don’t Do

If you want to learn how you can become a better dog owner, follow a dog trainer around for a day. The dog training might have done online training. You’ll see that they do a few things differently than regular dog owners. Here are just 4 of the things that dogs trainers don’t do.

They don’t go to Dog Parks

Dog parks are breeding grounds for bad habits, health hazards, and dog fights. Many dog owners are not as conscientious as they should be, and they may let their dogs get away with anything. If your dog meets with a dog who picks a fight and the owner believes they should just play it out, your dog could end up with injuries or worse. It happens. On top of that, if your dog sees another dog exhibiting bad behaviours like bullying a smaller dog, you may find your dog imitating that behaviour later on.

You also never know what health concern others dogs at the park could have–from ticks to fleas to internal parasites. Getting your dog vaccinated is only part of the battle, as another dog may have something that you can’t prevent from spreading.

They don’t Use Retractable Leashes

You shouldn’t even have your dog more than 6 feet away from you, so there’s no need to use a long, extendable leash. Dog trainers also know that these leashes teach poor leash manners. Since a retractable leash is always tight, your dog will always have to pull in order to move. The thin cord used for the leash is also dangerous, as your fingers or your dog’s toes or tail could get caught in it and even cut off.

They don’t Leave Food Out for their Dogs All the Time

By leaving food out all the time, you’re missing an opportunity to create expected times for your dog’s bathroom needs. You can also use part or all of one scheduled meal as a reward for training. And with scheduled feedings, you can keep track of whether your dog is feeling well by checking whether they have eaten their meal as they usually do.

They don’t Train 2 or More Puppies at the Exact Same Time

The dog training certification online from The Wonderdogs is a great way for any trainer to learn how to become better at training dogs. And because of that, they know tt’s not good for two dogs to depend on each other too much, as they may not respect you enough as a result. Dog trainers also know that you’ll also need to train and care for them separately. This includes separate training classes, training time at home, potty lessons, and veterinary appointments. You should give each pup a separate bed and space for sleeping, too.

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