4 Apps For The Fashionista

Technology and fashion have always walked the runway hand-in-hand, from catwalks that emulate rainfall to textiles that can lower your body temp. Now, you can take advantage of this leather-and-lace harmony with 4 clever apps especially designed to ensure your fashion sense is never less smart than your phone.

  1. Cloth

An iPhone app designed to help you be your very own Bill Cunningham, Cloth lets you save your outfits and browse others in a “Real-time street style” format that will make you feel like Rihanna. Once you do, you can share your best outfits, categorize, and save your inspirations for a later debut.

As a bonus, Cloth employs local, real-time weather data, so that you can look fresh and be dry/warm/cool or whatever the circumstances require.

  1. Closet+

Designed to help you save time and money without sacrificing your chic style, Closet+ is what you would get if you married the wisdom and sass of Rosie (the Jetson’s robot) to an Olsen twin and created your own personal stylist.

By uploading your entire wardrobe you can use this app to organize, categorize, and even prioritize various outfit. This app will keep tabs on an outfit’s price and balance that against it’s cost (per wear!). It enables the user to plan outfits in advance and save them to a calendar, and best of all, it let’s you know the last time an outfit was worn, so you won’t be caught repeating looks.

  1. Stylebook

This app is not for the weak-willed fashionista, it takes your own items and accessories, and allows you to pair them with items online that you don’t own–yet. Like you needed a way to make it easier to obsess over that outfit, right?

Stylebook also helps you pack, plan ahead, and basically be beautifully dressed 24-7.

  1. Bib +Tuck

If the Stylebook app is emptying your pocketbook, then Bib + Tuck might be the way to fill it back up. An app that uses your digitally uploaded closet to its own advantage, Bib + Tuck understands that you won’t always want (or need) the items you longed for yesterday.

So, if your wardrobe is superb (by which we mean designer, because this app has standards and is specifically curated by people who love fashion themselves) consider downloading this companion and get a little bit back for having such excellent taste.

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