Would You Smoke The Point You Become Pregnant

For a lot of you the question that might strike you is vaping safe during pregnancy? A lot of mixed answers would emerge at this point of time. In the eyes of many it does help you to quit smoking and it would be a lot safer than the regular cigarettes that we are consuming. Bit vaping while pregnant or breastfeeding would be an activity that it is suggested that you keep away from.

When the regular cigarette is concerned, smoke reaches out to the lungs when you burn tobacco. As already most of us are aware tobacco is known to contain hundreds of toxic chemicals. Whatever be the form the consumption of it would lead to serious complications during the tenure of pregnancy.

Any liquid that is being used in case of electronic cigarette is not that regulated. Most of them are known to contain flavours or other chemical agents as well. Till date no study on the safety of these vapours have been found in any masses and this includes even the pregnant woman as well.

A lot of studies have been conducted around the concept of electronic cigarettes and the misconceptions are immense. Out of that nearly 43 % were of the opinion that it is a safer choice than regular cigarettes. Nearly 61 %  of the masses felt that it could be a source of addiction and only 57 % were of the opinion that it could be addictive in stature. It was also seen that only 13 % of the masses were of the opinion that they stuck to it is because it was safer on all count.

Still you need to take note of the fact that smoking from traditional or electronic cigarette still goes on to put nicotine on to your body. You cannot confer a safe level of exposure as far as nicotine is concerned in both the mothers and the babies. If you observe that exposure to nicotine takes place before birth, it can lead to altered brain structure or lack of function in babies. If there still exists the problems of smoking during pregnancy it could lead to miscarriage, premature delivery and various forms of side defects as well.  The worst part is that nicotine from regular or traditional cigarette does reflect in the breast milk as well.

In the world that all of us are part of , no pregnant woman should go on to smoke as well. But sadly we are not part of such a world and pregnant woman who smoke do become pregnant as well. The moment you smoke and if you become pregnant you would need to cut down on smoking. In case if you smoke you should discuss with your doctor on how to quit from it. Just discuss with your health care provider that you are thinking of making a move to electronic cigarettes as well. If you are planning to cut down on smoking as well, do discuss with them.

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