Window AC Repair Tips

Window AC repair Lakeland is a manageable thing since these units are not too complicated. However, there are problems that can only be addressed by a professional AC repair technician alone; however, there are a few problems that you can handle the issues on your own. Some of the typical problems you will be dealing with include the following:

Dirty filters: Air circulates through the filters of your window AC system but the filters will get dirty from time to time; these dirty filters can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and this will be reflected on your high energy bills. It is therefore important to ensure that the filters are cleaned at least once a month and especially during the summer months. There are several other parts that should also be cleaned and taken care of regularly so that the unit can run effectively. Once the filters have been taken out, it is a good opportunity to check on the fins because they easily become clogged with dust to the extent of impairing the unit’s performance.

You need a medium density brush and use an up and down stroke so as to clean the fins effectively. You may find the fins covered ice and you will need to defrost by turning the unit into the ‘fan only’ setting. The condenser coils should also get cleaned once annually; you only need to unplug the air conditioner long enough to allow the condenser coils to dry before you vacuum it thoroughly. A soft toothbrush is enough to enter the crevices to give a thorough cleanup job.

Musty smells: This is another common problem that AC repair technicians Winter Haven are usually called to deal with. That musty smell comes as a result of moisture, dirt and dust buildup that causes mold and mildew to form inside the drip tray. The best way to solve this problem is to remove the drip tray from underneath the unit and have it washed using warm soapy water; this can be done by the homemaker at least once a year.

Leakage: Many homeowners go into panic mode whenever they discover a leakage at the window AC unit. In most cases, you don’t have to call an AC repair contractor because this problem is normally caused by the unit tilting in towards the room rather than outwards. When the AC unit is installed correctly it will only drain out in the back of the unit.

Fan problems: If you can’t feel the air blowing through the unit chances are that motor fan has malfunctioned. Try turning the fans by hand when the unit is switched off and if they seem clogged try to lubricate the motor. If there is anything more you cannot do, don’t hesitate to call your AC repair Polk County Contractor.

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