Which Is The Best Fabric For Your Workout and Yoga Clothing

Every now and then there is a new fitness wear brand launched in the market. The reason behind this popularity of sportswear brand is increasing number of women participation in sports and fitness regime. Now, when there is an involvement of woman, it is obvious that there will be involvement of fashion and style wear.

Gone is the era when fitness clothing was limited to baggy sweatshirts and leg warmers. Today is the time for stylish fitness wears that varies in designs, colors, styles and what not. Today, with a number of sportswear brands in the market, you have option to choose from different types of fabrics, designs, colors etc.

If you are new to the world of fitness wear and confused about choosing a brand, then you may like to go for JustFab’s workout clothing line Fabletics for their comfy and stylish clothes. It does not matter which brand you choose to wear as your fitness wear, until you get the fabric right. The fabric of your sportswear or fitness outfits should be soft and comfortable on your skin.

Factors to consider while choosing the right fabric for you

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while buying the fitness wear for yourself. Do not consider your fitness wear as any other piece of clothes. What you choose to wear while exercising can have significant effect on your performance. Therefore, choose your fabric wisely. Here are few helpful tips:

  • Types of exercise

This is the first factor that you should consider while choosing the workout clothes for yourself. Think about the exercise you are going to perform. If you are planning to buy clothes to practice yoga routine, then go for soft fabrics. Lycra and cotton are right fabrics for yoga. Similarly, when choosing clothes for cardiovascular exercises, you should go for durable fabrics.

  • Choose fabrics that can absorb moisture

While cotton fabric could be good option for yoga and stretching, it may not be perfect for cardiovascular exercises. The reason is cotton can absorb sweats and make the outfit heavier.

While doing cardio exercise, you will be sweating a lot. Excessive sweating can make the cotton made exercise wear heavier, which can hinder your performance. Therefore, go for dry fit fabrics when choosing the outfit for hard core exercises.

  • Buy clothes that complement the temperature

You need to stay cool in the hot temperature and warm in the cold temperature, while exercising. This will have significant impact on your performance. Therefore, when you choose the fabric, go for the one that can complement the temperature and let you perform your best.

You may want to choose fabrics like polatrec thermal for winter and light Lycra for summer season.

  • Always choose fabric that is stretchable

This one is pretty obvious, and yet many people tend to forget it while buying the fitness wear. Remember, almost every fitness program requires a little bit of stretching. Therefore, it is important that you buy outfit that is made of stretchable fabrics.

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