What are the Different Areas and Aspects of Social Care?

The term social care can cover a whole range of areas and professions. In this article I will be looking at some of the key groups and aspects that form the social care sector, giving a brief overview of what they do.

The first factor to consider is role of guidance and advice within social care. Being in a career such as a social worker will be largely offering guidance of how someone should proceed in a given situation, such as helping a young person in care find their own accomodation for the first time. This moves us to another broad area of the social sector being childcare, child protection, fostering and adoption as a lot of social work is focused around children, as without the correct care they are some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Community work is also another large factor of social care, this can encompass a whole range of different jobs. But in short, these are positions which in some way or another will try and mobilise communities to recognise and utilise their own social structures available to them. This will be done in a way to solve individual problems and work out community based objectives. Some of the time this will come under the realm of occupational therapy.

Psychology, and the relevant analysis that goes with it can form large parts of social care, just in the sense of understanding what are the issues individuals have, or finding the deeper meaning to certain outbursts of behaviour which might make someone not an active member of the community. There are other forms of therapy too that can come under the realm of social care, for example art, music or drama therapy is often used to help people within social care in various ways. It can be seen how these sorts of therapies can be heavily interlinked with community-based programmes.

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