Waxing Verses Sugaring For Male Hair Removal

Waxing Verses Sugaring For Male Hair Removal

Male hair removal techniques have been evolving over the past few years. Men no longer rely on shaving as the only way of removing unwanted hair from different parts of their body. Technological advancements have seen male grooming become faster, healthier, safer and even more convenient.  There are several reasons that can motivate a man to remove body hair. First, women don’t like hairy men especially if they have a thick back or chest. Therefore, removal of unwanted hair will enhance your appearance. It’s also unattractive to look at the hairs that come out of the bushy monobrow or nostrils of a man. Men can also remove underarm hair to prevent body odor and for better grooming.

Waxing Verses Sugaring For Male Hair Removal

Male sugaring and waxing are among the modern male grooming techniques. The two male grooming techniques have several differences and similarities. In fact, we have some people who don’t know the difference between these two applications. Both of them serve the same purpose of eliminating unwanted hair from the body. Close to 30 percent of the male population remove hairs from their legs, genital areas, back and other parts of the body.

  • Waxing

Some people refer to this process as maxing or man scraping. Waxing is a common practice in several male grooming studios or salons. Most men prefer waxing over the other temporary techniques of removing unwanted hairs because of the several advantages that come with this technique. The waxed area can remain hairless for up to eight weeks. In fact, men who regularly wax realize a slower rate of growth because the procedure removes the unwanted hair from the roots and not the surface. The areas that you subject to waxing also result in a smooth skin. The wax is a natural exfoliant as it removes all the dead skin together with the hair. The hair that grows back after the waxing treatment is usually much softer. Unlike shaving, you will not have any signs of stubble. Waxing reduces skin irritation especially in the sensitive area of the body. There will be no more razor bumps or cuts that come with shaving.

  • Sugaring

The sugaring mixture is made of lemon juice, water, and sugar. The sugaring expert combines all these ingredients in a lukewarm temperature. You then apply this mixture to the section of the skin that has unwanted hair. Sugaring offers the same male grooming benefits as waxing. Men who react on rosins that are in wax or have a heat sensitive skin prefer to go for sugaring. However, reputable waxing centers like http://www.waxcenter.com/co-lakewood offer a broad range rosin free waxes to meet the demands of such clients. 

The process of sugaring and waxing is similar but they differ in their results and applications. The strip sugaring and strip waxing processes are the same. Most men have a strong and coarse body hair and hence find waxing to be more efficient for various reasons. First, the effect of hot wax (shrink wrapping) can remove even the tiniest hairs. Also, you can apply new generation hot waxes or non-strip in areas where the hair grows in different directions. In most cases, sugaring doesn’t achieve the best results when the hair grows in different directions.  Both procedures come with a certain degree of discomfort because you have to uproot the hair from the roots. However, well experiences sugaring and waxing experts know how to minimize this pain.

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