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WordPress admin dashboard’s interface is acclaimed rightful fame all over the internet for its inherent user friendliness and ease of usage. And because variety is the spice of life, you are capable of customizing the interface with your choice of settings, or the entire look and feel of back end admin panel with themes and plugins.

In this post, I have found Top 7 WordPress plugins, all handpicked for reasons of good quality code and compatibility, that will let you customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard itself as you please. Check out the top 7 WordPress dashboard plugins, listed below:

1. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free

Active Installs: 20K+

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

This brilliant, beautiful WordPress dashboard customization plugin is by far one of the most used and well loved, having accumulated a mean user rating of solid 4.9 out of 5 stars from a real crowd of 92 votes.

Erident is complete in the sense that it will let you completely revamp your WordPress admin dashboard and login screens without hassle. The plugins comes with such amazing features that will let you change footer text on Admin Dashboard, add custom background (colors or images) to login screens, customize login form background and opacity, change font-size and color, replace ‘W’ with your own brand logo, optional display shadow effects for links or entire login forms, change button color, optimize form placement, alignment, and so much more.

It’s a lightweight, highly efficient solution for complete login screen and slight dashboard customization.

2. Admin Trim Interface

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free

Active Installs: 3K+

Admin Trim Interface

Admin Trim Interface is an ultra chic WordPress admin dashboard customization plugin which runs on some truly smart code.

The plugin uses WordPress API, custom CSS, and JavaScript (when nothing else works) to implement your settings (you don’t need to code all of this yourself, buddy). The settings will let you add/ edit/ remove visual and interface elements from dashboard like header WordPress logo , ‘Home’ icon, “Howdy” greeting (Great for Western-flick lovers, not so much for many others), username links, Avatars, the entire sidebar menu, Help link (contextual), footer links, WordPress version display (footer) and so much more.

The changes you make with this plugin are globally applied on all users’ WordPress back-ends on your website, automatically. Instant classic!

3. R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free

Active Installs: 1K+

r3df dashboard language switcher

For a website with diverse and multilingual WordPress administration and management personnel, R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher is a savior.

The plugin won’t change interface elements as such – only the languages; in that the plugin will let your logged in WordPress users select the language of their choice which will then be applied on their WordPress admin dashboard.

The plugin works with Multisite networks, which is always a plus. The tools include a WordPress Admin Toolbar language switcher, a login screen language switcher, and user profile language switcher. Keep in mind that you need to add the languages yourself and will not translate themes or plugins, just the default admin/ user profile template/ login screen text.

Since WordPress 4.1, users can now add new interface translations/ languages from Site Language setting in General Settings Tab. Once saved, the new language option will be added, and R3DF will be able to switch to it.

4. WPBizPlugins Custom Admin Help Boxes

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free

Active Installs: 700+

WPBizPlugins Custom Admin Help Boxes

If your WordPress plugin development company routinely deals with WordPress novice clients, then WPBizPlugins Custom Admin Help Boxes will come as a lifesaver.

The plugins knows this and the creators do mention that the plugin is perfect to prevent client confusion when it comes to accomplishing simple tasks on WordPress. The plugin will let you add/ edit/ remove your custom instructions / help material/ tutorial (of sorts) to the add/edit screens of all admin screens, embed videos in dashboard, create widgets to be displayed in admin sidebars, ad d images and text to your help content, and choose display settings between meta-box or lightbox (popup), and display your company’s support URLs and helpdesk number in admin in case of emergencies.

Easy as pie.

5. The Mojo Admin Toolbox

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free

Active Installs: 300+

The Mojo Admin Toolbox

The Mojo Admin Toolbox sticks to business.

The plugin is a collection of some very useful dashboard customization options that will let you remove or hide WordPress ‘Comments’ system (moderation queue that can overwhelm newbies!), customize login screen logo and add URL on it, set custom avatars for your website, globally (for all users) remove all dashboard widgets, hide theme edit settings, customize dashboard footer text and links, edit descriptions in general, and hide the meta generator tag globally. It also lets you customize Sender details for mails sent from your WordPress website, upload images on options/ settings screen, and override another admin panel theme’s settings if you so wish.
Generally, no more mess ups of your hard work.

6. MainWP Dashboard

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free, with premium extensions available

Active Installs: 7K+

MainWP Dashboard

This one has a pretty solid reputation and for good reason too.

Although largely a customized Admin Dashboard all on its own, the plugin itself is easily customizable with the help of extensions that will let you change and configure all dashboard functions and features so for individual users as well as global application across all logged in user dashboards.

The plugin itself deliberately keeps things simple for your novice clients by displaying highly UX optimized dashboard with easy content management, backups, and upgrade alerts and notifications. You, as a developer, can customize the free plugin or code your own extensions on top of it for added features.

7. Client Dash

Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository

Price: Free

Active Installs: 3K+

Client Dash

Client Dash gives you total control.

The plugin will let you reorder/ rearrange/ remove or add new menu items to the default WordPress admin dashboard sidebar menu items, customize the items’ labels, links, and icons, etc. on user role basis or globally to keep control of settings visible to different users for perfectly lean workflow and better security.

You also get dashboard widget manager to add/ remove/ customize the dashboard widgets to your heart’s content. And there’s more – the plugin is multisite compatible (brilliantly so!) and highly extensible (comes with a extension boilerplate for your developers to go crazy over).

What’s not to like?


These 7 superb Admin Dashboard customization plugins, in one way or another, will help you provide a more personalized WordPress site management experience to your clients.

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