Tips To Improve The Usability Of Your Website

Tips To Improve The Usability Of Your Website

We’ve all experienced more than once the problems produced a website with poor usability: pages that you do not find the information you’ve been looking for shops you cannot buy and sites where it is complicated logged all these problems do not occur with good usability study, in this post we show you how to improve the usability of your website.

But what exactly is usability?

Usability is defined as the ease with which people can use a human-made ​​object to achieve the purpose for which it was designed. In the case of a web page can be defined as the ease with which site visitors can use that website to achieve the purpose for which it was designed.

Some companies and institutions invest thousands of dollars in web design but forget making a usability study to ensure that the page will be used to what has been designed, a big mistake that we can avoid considering the usability the design process of our website .

Usability Study

To start with the usability study we have to define three types of objectives within a web:

  • What the visitor wants to do in our page have a shirt, attend an event, and get information about a certain topic.
  • What we want to do: buy a shirt, buy tickets for an event or register on the platform.
  • What our website allows you to: pay, register, and search.

To facilitate these actions we make it very clear to the user where you can interact, and clearly highlight the “buttons” in which you can perform these actions.

According to the goal that we seek, we can divide the shares into four types:

  • Determinants Shares conversion as “pay”, “buy”, “send”, “download”.
  • Hitch: Prior to the purchase, such as “test”, etc…
  • Transitive: The type of actions to be performed by the user before the determinants, such as “continue,” “progress” or “jump”.
  • Extension: To continue an action such as “read more”, “see”, etc…

Once we have defined objectives and actions we can now move on to design a web page in which the user achieves a high level of satisfaction checking it, for which we also have to consider:

  • Good structure of content, organized manner and with families and subfamilies.
  • Create a navigation menu of quality, content grouped.
  • It minimizes the number of clicks for the user to get to do what you want.
  • Use standard colors for links; it is shown that the blue underline is what works best, if something works do not change it!
  • Create buttons call to action, call to action, visible and warm colors, such as orange or red.

Hopefully these tips will help improve the usability of your website, applied if you seem interesting and for all web-hosting coupons visit:

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