Things To Look For When Selecting Champagne

Champagne is something, which is bought for special occasion and thus, the look of the champagne matters a lot. This luxurious drink is made of fermented vine with sugar and yeast that gives it an extra fizz and sparkle. There is a huge variety of champagnes available in the market. The finest champagne can burn a hole in your pocket, but it surely will be worth every penny.

In order to order Veuve Clicquot online, you need to understand different types available in the market. There are many factors, which make champagne costly. Here are the factors to be considered before buying.


The age of the champagne is an important factor in determining the cost of the champagne. More the age of the champagne, the costlier it is. Aged champagne is rare and as the age increases its availability decreases, thus astronomically increasing its price.


There are a large number of champagnes originating from different breweries around the world. These champagnes have special keywords in their names that indicate their origin. There are Blanc de blancs for chardonnay origin or blanc de noir for Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier origins.

Cuvee Content

When the juice is siphoned from grapes, the first 2050 litres extracted from 4000Kg of grapes is known as Sauvee. The larger the Sauvee content the higher is the price. A high-end champagne will be made from pure sauvee. It is believed that the Sauvee has the best taste and fragrance in the whole lot.


Sweetness of the wine is another important factor to be considered. Dry champagne is less costly than sweet champagne, the sweeter the champagne, the higher is the price. The type of champagne based on these types is extra brut, brut, extra-sec, demi-sec and doux. The extra brut is the driest and the doux is the sweetest.

Cauvees de Prestige

If champagne is labelled Cauvees de prestige, it will definitely be the costliest production of that house. Irrespective of ageing and type, the cauvee de prestige is very costly. It is also rare to find them. Most of the wine houses do not put them for sale in stores. They are sold to limited customers on invitation or at a premium price.

House Names

Every house has its own rating and the pricing is done considering that rating. A poor wine from a big house will cost same as a good wine from a poor house. However, the house name is also a symbol of trust. The house names that are old produce a fine blend.

Champagne Vs Sparkling Wines

Champagne is sparkling wine made in Champagne province of France, it is to be understood that a lot of things are assured with the name like the smoothness, the quality and the taste.

Size Matters

The Magnum or the 1.5 L bottle that is equal to two bottles of the champagne is the best variant to buy.  A magnum can be stored in cellar for longer periods and ages better than all other sizes.

These are the different factors to consider when buying Champagne online. It is strongly recommended to check the manufacturing, the origin, or the Champagne before buying it.

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