The Ultimate List Of What Not To Do If You’re New To Vaping

The Ultimate List Of What Not To Do If You're New To Vaping

So you are new to vaping and you are excited about your new habit and hobby. Why wouldn’t you be? Maybe you quit smoking, maybe you just took up vaping for the flavors and to geek out about all the really cool gear. Whatever your reason for wanting to vape, and regardless of how excited you are, there are some things you simply should not do.

From the blatantly annoying to the more subtle, here is the ultimate list of what not to do if you are new to vaping (or even if you have been vaping for a while).

Stop with the Cloud Contests

Your favorite restaurant or pretty much any public space where non-vapers might reside, or essentially anywhere but a vape shop or a straight up vape bar, is not the place for the largest cloud competition. In fact, when you’re new, almost no place is the right place for this. You won’t impress anyone unless you spent your first week learning some really cool vape tricks.

If not, just don’t do it.

Ask Before You Get Told No

Along that line, before you start to vape in a public space, especially a restaurant, ask if it is okay before you get told no or asked to leave. Many places where regular smoking is prohibited also ban vaping, and no matter what your opinion on that, it is their business and their rules.

No Long Bathroom Breaks

Okay, so you quit smoking, but if you really had to use the bathroom as often as you sneak away for a vape, you are either really dehydrated or you need to go home sick. If vaping is not allowed in your workplace, it is probably also forbidden in the bathroom. So before you get in trouble for the clouds coming from the stall you are in, just quit. Use something else to get you between cravings and treat vape breaks the way you used to treat smoke breaks.

Leave the Kids Alone

Don’t vape around kids who are not your own, and reconsider even if they are yours. Don’t tell them that vaping is not the same as smoking and try to justify your habit. It is for their parents to educate them, and there are no long-term studies on the effects of vaping and second-hand vapor on children. Until there are, leave the kids alone, and keep your vaping to yourself.

Family Issues

Your mom is not going to approve of your vaping any more than she did smoking, and neither are the other members of your family who frowned on your previous habit. Don’t try to convince them that what you are doing is okay, instead just be respectful around them. Keep your habit and your mouth under control, and keep it away from the family.

Don’t Start an E-Cig Church….

Unless you have gone to work for an e-cig company, don’t turn into an e-cig evangelist, and preach the gospel of vaping to everyone you meet. It just isn’t cool. No one wants to hear it. Like many other choices, vaping is a personal one. Let everyone make their own decisions.

…Or a University

Okay, no matter how long you have been vaping, but especially if you are new, don’t go around bragging about your first custom vape build. The ordinary person is not impressed with your knowledge about coils and vape tanks, and probably neither were you before you started vaping. Those who have been vaping a while already know what you know, and it is unlikely you are giving them new information. Don’t be that person.

No Name Dropping

There are hundreds of celebrities who vape. Professional athletes. Musicians. Politicians. Who cares? Literally no one. Don’t drop the name of famous people who vape as a way to defend your habit or legitimize it. Celebrities do all kinds of things that doesn’t make them better or make them right for you. Unless you know them personally, don’t drop celebrity names, and if you do know them, you better introduce your friends to them.

The Love Vape

It’s great that your girl vapes too—maybe that is incredibly sexy to you. That’s understandable but take a break from the vape when you are making out on the couch or spending time together. If you have to stop and vape every few minutes, it will quickly turn into a turn-off. Focus on people, not your Vape, and keep it real for a while.


You are new to vaping. That is great. Don’t be a jerk about it though. Be a kind, considerate vaper, someone people don’t mind being around. Don’t make these common mistakes, and your friends and family won’t judge you or your choices nearly as much.

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