The Best Ways to Market in the Smartphone Age

It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t nose-deep in their smartphone nowadays. A recent study found that Americans check their phones up to 80 times per day — that’s around once every 12 minutes.

If you’re a business owner looking for new and innovative ways to market your goods and services, you can definitely use this fact to your advantage. When else will you have 80 opportunities per day to get someone’s attention?

If you want to really up your business’s marketing game, then you need to utilize marketing tactics that are catered to smartphone users. And if you want to know about three great strategies to target smartphone users, keep reading.

Make social media work for you

Many people who use smartphones have their social media apps downloaded to their phones. The majority of adults have at least one social media account across all channels.

And social media can be a very lucrative way to promote your business. Having visibility across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can greatly increase your prominence in your industry. A carefully crafted brand that encourages people to engage with your posts will help as well.

Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates across all social media platforms, and its robust integrated advertising system could prove very beneficial for your business. It’s even possible for consumers to shop via the app, after a new update. If you’re trying to promote a good or service, you should definitely invest some time and energy into making your Instagram profile cohesive, inviting, and engaging, since the seamlessness of shopping on the app could pay dividends.

Utilize ringless voicemails to reach new customers

Many people are familiar with traditional telemarketing, wherein a staff member of a business cold calls potential customers in order to deliver a sales pitch. However, this method often results in aggravating the person you are calling, as the pitch is delivered at a time that may not be convenient for them. Some people who answer the phone to telemarketers can also be insulting or rude to your employees, which is not great for overall company morale.

However, if you utilize ringless voicemail, which allows your employees to go direct to voicemail in order to deliver their sales pitches, the potential customer is less likely to be bothered. Since their phones never ring, they will not know that they have received the voicemail until they get a notification that it’s sitting in their inbox. Then, it’s up to them whether they listen to the message at that moment or wait for a more convenient time.

Catching customers at the right time is very important, as consumer mood has a big impact on whether they will buy a product or service. Using ringless voicemail gives you, your telemarketing employees, and your potential new customer a lot more freedom.

Automated text messages could boost your business

A very direct way to reach smartphone users is through text message. Setting up automated mass text messages can be a great way to ensure your business marketing message gets seen by potential customers.

You can also keep in contact with existing customers to alert them about upcoming appointments they have set up, or new sales and promotions. Or you could use automated text messaging to administer customer satisfaction surveys, which is a key part of measuring your business’ performance.

As a plus, keeping a positive relationship with your existing customer base can increase the likelihood that they suggest your business to a friend. Word of mouth marketing is something that can do a lot of good, but only if you make sure your reputation stays clean and positive!

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