Importance Of SIM Box Gateway

SIM box gateway, also known as SIM bank is one of the hardware modules of solutions for the GSM termination for the companies. SIM box device consists of holding a bundle of SIM cards separately from the VoIP or the GSM gateway in order to reduce the maintenance costs and also decreasing the SIM blocking problem. SIM box gateway allows you to install and establish different mobile operators from 20 to 300 SIM cards that help to initiate work of many of the GSM gateways placed in different destinations. With the help of this, you can keep your SIM cards away from the other GSM gateway. It also allows you to put in a separate SIM card for GSM/VoIP gateway module, making sure to use the same card to call from many other points in order to reduce the risk of blocking.

The key features of SIM box gateway includes the following aspects:

Provides a sub-rack with almost fifteen slots that can help in providing power and make the system cool. The SIM board is the combination of 20 SIM cards with each client to have an opportunity to select the individual structure of SIM box and use from 300 SIM cards while the GSM termination. It is very possible to add GSM and SIM board in one rack.

The hardware that are based on the module structure of SIM box gateway opens up a huge collection of possibilities to the companies, for instance –

  • It is possible to place the SIM cards separately from the GSM modules where this option will require high-quality Internet connection between GSM-gateway and SIM box gateway.
  • SIM cards that take part in the termination of the voice traffic and SMS termination to distinct locations/countries could be placed in the same place to make it simple to control the activities. It is very essential when you have many GSM gateways situated in different countries or in many other regions of the same country. Here, all the SIM cards that took place in termination may be situated in one or more SIM boxes placed in the same spot.

Then there is SIM card rotation, which is one of the algorithms to optimize the system. SIM cards within each SIM box can be separated into various groups where each one of these groups can be given to a different GSM-module of VoIP gateway. Over a period of time, the system is able to get all the changes done within each group, changing the SIM card that makes the voice calls from one to another. This is not allows to optimize the consumption of the resources of SIM, but also give the chance to minimize the workload and thus the suspicion of the mobile operators. These tools help in getting you better quality of call connection and saves a lot of money to make business calls or long distance calls. The voice quality also makes them the first choice by any company without any location or countries constrain.

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