Human Hair Extension

Human Hair Extension

We often look at celebrities and wonder how great their hair looks moreover, we always want to have same kind of hair style. Adding a touch of style to our day to day lives and looks, is something that we all really enjoy. Instead of using style products and makeup that may harm your skin and hair, there are many other ways that can give you instant makeover, changing all the cuts, all kind of marks from your face and changing your everyday look into some or the other form within minutes.

Extending further, styling hair with straightners, or ironing it, may damage the hair drastically. Of course, any of the hair extension method done under one of the un professional person who not at all have the experience of doing it or the treatment done under wrong hands has all the potential to damage the hairs when probably much extension is added even though if it is not required, damaging the hair may further lead hair to break which leads to hair fall. If proper care is not taken that may lead to hair loss too. Clinicspots is a premier online medical consultation that provides high quality service and helps you find the right treatment for your problem. It also provides hair transplant in Mumbai and their respective doctors and clinics within your surroundings.

Product that brings a beautiful change in your look, or enhance your style ability is the one called as hair extension. Its smart use can credit a lot in making your hair look above your expectation. Though we don’t realize how unreal hair can be it is really shocking but many of the ladies out there need hair extension in order to make their hair look the way it was.

What Are Hair Extensions?

  • They are also called as hair integrations
  • They are originally introduced to add length to individuals hair, but now a days it has become a trend and it is used as fashion accessory.
  • Hair extension can be made out of natural hair as well as artificial hair and it comes in variety of forms which helps you to play with your look in an intresting way

How Do they Work?

  • Different kind of hair extension and various formats of using hair extension is been introduced by hair styling industry
  • With the help  of technique such as weaving, heat fusing, clamping with metal rods, wax or polymers hair extension are clipped into small small sections of your hair
  • Most of them involve coat on natural hair strands with some of the foreign substances
  • Some lasts for few week whereas, some stand long for months
  • Till what time it will last depends totally upon how well you can maintain them.

Types of Hair Extension:-

  • There are six main type of hair extension i.e. combined with the type of hair you have (natural hair) only then it determines which kind of hair extension is best suitable for you

1. Colorful Clip-On:

  • This is known as one of the most popular hair extensions, because without any harmful chemicals they can instantly add color to your hair
  • This extension is best for the people those who don’t want to add on color or any other kind of harmful chemical in their hair
  • In this kind of styling, colourful hair wefts are snapped in the hair sections
  • When it comes to the question of experimenting with your look hair colors are really “in”.

2. Accessorized:

  • This kind of extension is mainly used to add some funk to your hair by adding various items
  • To make the look more glamorous , this hair extension is paired with such an ahair accessory that is instantly reactable.

3. Extended Length:

  • One of the main fact to use hair extension is that it adds length to the regular hair
  • All ladies out there if you have short hair no need to worry more to try out new hair styles  because this extension offers length to short hairs

4. Triple Weft Hair Extensions:

  • To add little thickness and volume to your hair that is naturally thin or light weight this extension is used
  • It increases  thickness in hair with the help of wefts
  • Many times it happen that you like some style  and you are not able to try it due to your thin hair, all those worries are no more now.

5. Short Extensions:

  • Who asked you cannot style with short hair, with the help of this extension you can even get new look quite frequently
  • To give a new style hair extension can be added to short hair
  • How to add extensions in front of naturally short hairs to offer an angular shape this extension is best used

Above all the techniques mentioned are the ways to add style and length to your hair. Make sure you have a good talk with your stylist and discuss the type of hair you have before you opt for any one of these. Till then stay stylish.

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