How To Sell My Used Car – 5 Tips To Get The Most From The Sale

How To Sell My Used Car – 5 Tips To Get The Most From The Sale

If you are a first time car seller you may be struggling with the following question – just how can I sell my used car? Your aim is to get the largest sum possible from your buyer in addition to ensuring that the transaction is carried out smoothly. The market is certainly there, as there are currently more than 250 million used vehicles on the road today, with more than 40 million of those being vehicles that have changed hands over the course of a single year.

To ensure you don’t run into any road bumps along the way, here are five tips you should always follow that take all of the stress out of the sale.

Tip #1 – Research

The first step to selling your vehicle is knowing how much it sells for and who is likely to buy it. Furthermore, the DMV and other motoring organisations also stress the benefits of a little bit of knowledge when selling your car.

If you know your car potential buyers are much more likely to trust you.

Tip #2 – Choosing Where to Sell

There are many places to sell a car. Companies like 1888-Pay-Cash-For-Cars are often the fastest way to sell, as they have experience in the industry and are dedicated to making the process as painless as possible.

However, if you choose to sell to an individual be sure to make use of the web. Online auction sites, such as eBay, will get more eyes on your vehicle. In fact, the platform is so effective that, as of 2013, a used car was being sold every minute on the website.

Tip #3 – Preparation

Nobody wants to buy a car that looks like it has seen heavy use, so make sure you give your vehicle a good once over before you have anybody come to view it.

While you can certainly do this yourself, it may be worth considering taking the vehicle to professionals to ensure every aspect of the vehicle is covered, especially if a lot of work is required.

Tip #4 – Paperwork

Always make sure that you have all of the relevant documentation that goes along with the vehicle before attempting a sale. Not only will your buyer want to see it, but it is required by the United States government that the vehicle is handed over with the proper paperwork.

This works both ways too. Always ensure that your prospective buyer has both a valid driving licence and insurance. If you don’t check this but allow them to take a test drive, you may be liable for any accidents that might occur.

Tip #5 – Negotiations

With everything else in place, your mind should be focused on one thought – how much can I sell my used car for? This is where your research should come into play. If you have followed these steps you will know approximately how much your make and model of car currently sells for. Use this to determine a lowest sale figure and work upwards from there. As long as you know how much you are willing to sell for and you have the information to back you up, there is no reason that you shouldn’t get what the car is worth.

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