The Benefits Of A Good Long Term Disability Lawyer

It is unlikely that you have ever contemplated using the services of one of many long term disability lawyers whose practices are built on dealing with huge insurance companies and securing the best possible results for a wide variety of clients.

You have probably looked at an accident or sickness insurance policy and have taken one out in the hope and belief that you are protected if something terrible happens.  After this, it will not cross your mind again unless you actually need to make a claim.

If you do have a long term disability and need to make a claim you will need to consult your policy to ensure you are following official procedure; this will allow them to process your claim properly.  They should provide a prompt and courteous reply at all times.  However, it is often not the reply you would like or even expected after paying in your contributions for many years.

It is at this point that you will need to seek the advice of a good long term disability lawyer; the benefits of the service they offer will significantly outweigh the costs involved in taking on their services.  You should choose a lawyer relatively close to you; for instance has an excellent reputation and is based in Ontario, Canada.  If you live in Ontario then you should seek out their assistance, in fact, they will help you wherever you are based in Canada.

The Benefits

  • Proven track record

A company such as Share Lawyers, who have been operating for many years, will have a proven track record.  You will be able to see and even speak to past clients who have used their services.  Their success rate will speak for itself.

  • No win, no fee

Many long term disability lawyers will only take on a case that they are fairly confident that they can win.  This allows them to instigate the no win, no fee policy.  If your case is accepted then you are already assured of a good chance of success.  Your lawyers will also be keen to succeed as if they do not, they will not be paid.

  • Focus on health

Instructing a lawyer to represent you and deal with your insurance company means that you can focus your efforts on your health and rebuilding your life.  If you attempt to deal with everything yourself you are likely to be swamped and your health will suffer; at the time when you are already most vulnerable.

  • Pressure

A lawyer can add a significant amount of pressure to an insurance company, partly because they will follow through on any threatened action and partly because they have more resources and capabilities available to them than the average person.  In fact, many claims are settled as soon as the lawyer becomes involved; without the need for a court hearing.

  • State of the Art

The equipment and resources available to a dedicated long term disability lawyer is state of the art.  This is because the cost of this equipment can be justified by the number of claims they are handling.  Simulation of accidents and long term effects can play a big part in achieving the right settlement figure.

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