The ABC Of Gold Jewellery

The only thing we understand about jewellery is that it gives us pleasure; immense pleasure. We can indeed sense how it makes us feel but most of us can’t tell what it is made from and how it’s made. So, the relationship that we share with jewellery is purely emotional in nature. Most of us end up judging a piece of jewellery by the amount of money spent on it. A common notion that we all hold is that the price of a jewellery item is directly proportional to its quality; jewellery that costs a fortune has to be of premium quality, and items that sell cheap are fake or not worth the money. When we hear people talk about gold jewellery, we come across numbers like 9k, 14 k, 18 k, 24 k, etc. And all we do is wonder what they could mean. Yes, there are many who know what they imply but the number of people who are absolutely clueless is also large.

However, if you want to buy gold jewellery, it’s important for you to understand the concept of ‘karatage’ and how a piece of 9k gold jewellery is different from one having 24 k. Not just karat, there is a lot more to know about gold jewellery than how it makes you feel.

‘Karatage’ refers to weight when it comes to gemstones. But in case of gold, it implies the purity of the metal. And that is why, you must always pay attention to the ‘karatage’ of the gold jewellery you intend to buy. 24 karat gold is considered to be the purest form of gold. An 18 karat gold jewellery item has three quarters of pure gold mixed with one quarter of another metal. So, basically, it’s not pure gold but an alloy of gold. 14 karat means the jewellery you have bought has 14 out of 24 parts of pure gold. Similarly, 9 karat means the item has 9 out of 24 pure gold parts in it.  Generally, the standards of ‘karatage’ differ from country to country. In some countries like the USA, 9 karat isn’t available.

Although, not commonly done, you can get your less pure gold item coated with pure gold for extra luster.

Now, that you know that 24 karat is the purest form of gold, you might want to buy jewellery made from it. But sadly, no jewellery is made from 24 k gold. And that’s because this variety if extremely soft. You can even bend it with your hands. Even if you choose to get a piece of jewellery created with 24 k gold, it won’t last for long. However, if it is for the purpose of investment that you want to buy gold then you can go for 24 k gold bars. 22 or 18 k gold is the best option for jewellery

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